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Subject: Con

Bank crisis
Two Things created conditions
Federal Reserve
A. Increased M-3 Total Money Supply by-- 720B-- per year 2001-2006
Stopped showing M-3 in reports in 2006.
Prior high was-- 330B-- in one year
Bush Sr got increase of 59B per year
Why 720B for Dunya? 
In six years increased M-3 by  4.3T versus 5T prior 20 years.Why?
4.3 in 6 years, while 5 in 20???
B. Interest Rates
Clinton had 6.5%
Bush got 1%
Plenty of money available
Banks borrow at 1%-- loan at 6% + = loan loan loan = easy money
Begging Developers to build, build, build
Developers built homes too large and too expensive for Middle class incomes
Price of average size home increased-- 68%-- in six years.
Middle Class Income increased slightly
Inflation increase was about 18%
I see no crime except if a Realtor misled a buyer
Profiteering. Yes. Plenty. But no crime.
 Clarence Swinney, Political Historian

Clarence, I see crime everywhere.
They sold $200K houses for $500K, got paid their $500K,
then the housing market crashed and the super-rich kept their profits.

The easiest way to tell if a crime has been committeed is to just find out 
if the Bush bastards had a hand in it - that's a guarantee a crime's in progress..

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