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Subject: Obama Hysteria

Hey Bart,

Regarding Ann in Philly and her post on Bartcop, "Why I'm Switching My Vote to Hillary." 
In it she attributes to Obama that "...he has also made it very clear that his supporters, 
and his voters, will not work for or vote for Senator Clinton should she win the nomination."

I have read Clinton supporters making this claim before, but I have never seen any of them 
provide the exact quotes where Obama specifically, and clearly, as Ann claims, make this statement. 
That's becuase they can't, because there is no such statement.  At least as far as I know. 
If I'm wrong set me straight.  But I doubt it.

In fact, supporters of both sides are guilty of over-the-top accusations and outright 
manufacturing of "facts" and quotes about the candidates.

As for me, it doesn't matter if Clinton or Obama gets the nomination.  Neither one is going to be 
the savior their supporters think they are.  But either one will be a damn sight better than any 
republican, so we all need to get a grip, ratchet down the intramural hatin', and make it our 
business to support the party by standing by whoever gets the nomination.


Clark, I have e-mailed Ann - perhaps we'll get an answer to your question.

A couple of thoughts...

Michelle did say what she said, which I attribute to a newbie mistake.

Second, how can Obama ask his people to vote for a racist?
Not only that, but a racist with bad judgment who drove the bus into a ditch 
and a racist who can't be expected to change anything because she's part of the problem?

When you demonize your opponent, how can you ask your followers to vote for a demon?

Last - your final paragraph was perfect - and it's something we've never talked about.

Obama's expectations are sky f-ing high and nobody can live up to that.
With no specifics given, he's become a vessel to store people's individual hopes.
When he fails to turn those hopes into concrete, tangible realities, Democrats will 
certainly turn on him like they turned on the Clintons and guess what that means?

He's got nowhere to go but down and it's going to hurt when he crashes.

Remember, the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference.
The people who love him the most will be the most disappointed, 
like I was when the most important site on the Internet turned whore.

Obama could end up leaving the troops in Iraq or amping up NAFTA, etc.
When he does, his choir could turn into an angry mob with torches.

It might end up making Hillary-hate look like a hippie lovefest by comparison.

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