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Subject: Wes Clark

I know how undereducated leftist screamers love this guy, but this 
smarmy son of a bitch is less qualified than anybody to be President.  

ha ha
Starting with a rock-solid foundation, eh?
You say  n-o-b-o-d-y  is less qualified than Clark?

Do you people really think this asshole really gives a shit 
whether you have jobs or are living in poverty?

Compared to who - a nice guy like you?

This preening peacock and colossal prick nearly started World War III with the Russians while 
"leading" troops as Supreme Allied Commander for the Kosovo campaign.  The only reason he 
got that job was because his BFF was none other than Clinton, his fellow Rhodes scholar.  

...and the fact that we won that war without losing a single soldier means nothing, right?
Who are your war heroes?   Bush?   LBJ?   Nixon?   Reagan?

Oh, and do you even know what a Rhodes scholar is?  

It's a smart guy who builds rhodes...I think

If you do and don't find what Cecil Rhodes stood for objectionable, 
you really shouldn't be allowed to stay in America, quite frankly.  

Oh, behave.

Rhodes scholars really shouldn't be Presidents of the United States OR 4 star generals.  
I have less respect for Clark than I have for a pile of dogshit. 

You keep hurling insults but you never make a point.
Do you have any idea why you hate the man so much?

Hell, just to show you how honest and faitr I am, I think you, ChefScrmnEagle
are probably worth MORE than a pile of dogshit - see how easy it is to be nice?

So Obama, being the two face politician he is, sicks this guy on John McCain.  
Then, the sacless yellow turd has the audacity to criticize Clark for his comments.  

"sacless yellow turd?"
Sounds almost racial, talking about a Black man that way.

They rehearsed what he was going to say beforehand.  Didn't you know that?
 ChefScrmneagle, Mayor of Delusion City 

Trading e-mails with you makes me feel like Stephen Hawking - thanks.

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