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Subject: Clinton's blindness


Thomas M.  Of Chicago called you blind and mindless because of your support for Hillary.  
I find the Obamites to be fairly mindless because they do not question their own candidate.

During the horrible ABC debate, Obama said that he would consult George H. W. Bush because 
he "had a good foreign policy".  I was dumbfounded and Googled "Obama and George H. W. Bush". 

I got lots of hits on Obama speeches in which he says that his foreign policy models are JFK, 
George H. W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan.  Now my jaw really dropped.  Is Barack Obama naïve 
or was he simply unaware of the arming of Osama Bin Laden with 10,000 Stinger missiles, 
the October Surprise and Reagan/Bush's secret arms sales to our enemy in Iran, or Iran/Contra 
with the secret Army, Navy and Air Force run by mercenaries and funded from off-shore accounts 
filled by Right-Wing billionaires, the horrible death toll in Honduras from right-wing death squads 
that Ambassador John Negroponte swore never happened, or the BCCI scandal that funded the 
secret arms sales to Saddam Hussein (that's where the chem and bio weapons came from, folks), 
or the invasion of Panama (our first preemptive war).  

Good foreign policy????

The worst part is that Barack would not use Bill Clinton.  

I know that Clinton ignored Rwanda, but let's check his foreign policy accomplishments.  
I remember watching his Camp David meetings with Netanyahu, Arafat and King Hussein of Jordan.  
Those foreign leaders were ebullient in their praise of Clinton.  King Hussein and Netanyahu both said 
that Clinton was "by far" the most capable and knowledgeable President they have ever worked with.  

That agreement between Israel and the PLO was derailed by Ehud Barack and Arafat later on.  
Clinton hammered out the original détente agreement with North Korea (you know, the one that Bush 
derailed and finally revived in basically the same form), Clinton's handling of the Kosovar conflict was 
exemplary (if war can be so).  

He (with NATO) returned the Kosovars to their homeland and then put sanctions on the Serbians 
until they gave up Milosevic, which they did.  Then Clinton brought Milosevic to the Hague for trial 
by international judges (rather than the kangaroo trial of Saddam) with no loss of American lives.  

Don't we wish that all international conflict could have been resolved with such multilateral involvement?  
And, of course, Clinton was absolutely loved around the world (and still is).  
Reagan/Bush were nearly as reviled as Bush's son is today.

I have asked many Obamites about this, and they blow me off.  No questioning the Messiah.  
If Barack is not naïve about this, then it can be assumed that he truly appreciates that kind of 
rogue foreign policy and his flock is okay with that.  Now that, Thomas M. of Chicago, 
is blindness and mindlessness.

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