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Subject: Clinton is 'our Reagan?'


You wrote that Clinton is our "Reagan"??   I disagree.
FDR is the liberal leader that Dems should be invoking DAILY !!

Fine, but nobody knows FDR, except for grainy film footage
and that also says Democrats haven't had a decent president in 60 years.

The repugs ONLY mission is and has been to unravel and destroy FDR's New Deal
that rescued us from the last REPUBLICAN Great Depression. ( FDR also crushed
rightwing fascism while repairing our economy from that GOP disaster)

I have been saying for years that the Dems need to compare FDR's legacy to Reagan!
Let America decide who they admire, FDR or Reagan contest!

Howard Zinn just did an op/ed regarding this.

By the way, Love your site and I'm a Clinton supporter because she's more electable.
Haven't these Obama fans ever heard of the Bradley Effect?

Keep swinging that hammer!
 A Bartcop fan from Minneapolis

I think they've heard of the Bradley Effect but they want what they want.
This isn't a slam at Obama, but his fans are religious about his candidacy.
Who wants to hear their religion is wrong?

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