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Subject: Bush

Dear Bart -
I'm a big fan who appreciates your blunt, no-bullshit style.  I also appreciate the fact that you 
haven't joined the "Hillary is a racist, facist, child-killing, puppy-eating bitch" bandwagon that 
so many progressive sites have gleefully hopped on.  

To that end, I wanted to bring your attention to something that I've seen plastered all over the 
liberal blogosphere (Kos, Buzzflash, DU, etc.), including a recent e-mail on your site.  
The story goes something like this:  

On the day of the Texas primary, Bill Clinton went on the Rush Limbaugh show to campaign 
for Hillary.  WTF!?!?  Can you believe this!?!?  How the hell could he do that!?!? 
This proves that the Clintons will say or do ANYTHING to get elected .... blah, blah, blah.  

As "proof," this story is usually accompanied by a screenshot from Limbaugh's site indicating 
that "Mark" will be interviewing Bill Clinton later that day.  The only problem is, it's total bullshit.
What really happened was a canned interview was distributed to a whole bunch of radio stations 
in Texas on the day of the primary, featuring Bill talking up Hillary's campaign.  A local radio host
- Mark Davis - from Arlington, Texas took the canned interview and filled in his own questions to 
make it sound like he was interviewing Bill Clinton.  This is pretty standard stuff for campaigns and
PR firms (the "interview" is on the local radio station's website ).  

Davis, who was filling in as a guest host for Limbaugh later that day, replayed the "interview" on 
Limbaugh's show.  A more thorough explanation of how these canned interviews work - and why 
the audio of this interview shows it was canned - can be found here in comments 32 and 55 .  

Not only was Clinton not on the show with a guest host, he was never on the show at all.  
Even the idiot Freepers knew this was a hoax 

What amazes me is how people could actually believe this crap.  Bill go on Rush's show?  
And this would somehow not be all over the national news and talking head shows?  
Please ...
Anyway, next time somebody makes this claim, PLEASE straighten them out ...

Pete, when people hate someone as much as they hate Hillary,
it's easy to go blind and lose all objectivity and common sense.

It's a good thing Obama is running a "new, better, cleaner kind of campaign."
I love his philosphy of "building America up, instead of dragging the other fella down."

I'm 54.
I've never, ever seen so much hate towards a fellow Democrat.

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