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Subject: the Clintons and a question 

Hi there:

I think Bill did a great job in North Korea but I'm not all that fond of the Clintons.
Yes Bill was a "winner" but to be honest in most respects they were Republicans (I think that was part 
of the reason that the Republicans and the Neo-Cons hated him so much.  He took their ideas and 
called them something different and got some of the poor and most of the Democrats to vote for him. 

With respect, maybe if the best president of our times failed to measure up there's a problem with the 
guy who does the measuring. Like many, many Democrats, you fail to appreciate the Clinton years 
because you're obviously comparing him to some mythical president who never existed.

How is it possible to win with people who think like you?

You might be comparing Clinton to hard lefties like Dennis Kucinich or Maxine Watters,
but they'll never get near the White House and you have to accept that fact.
I said this a lot in 2008 - if you live in Seattle, the folks in Spokane are "back East."

The only honest way to judge Clinton is to compare him to other presidents..
When you do that, Bill Clinton gets an A+with a cherry on top. 

Now part of the problem is that the people Clinton ran against were easy to vote against. 

You mean compared to the war-mongering-religiously insane Neo-Fuhrer?
He kicked Gore's ass and Kerry's ass - don't tell me it's easy to win.

Dude, you have to think in relative terms, not black vs white or good vs evil.

So many of the things he he did...NAFTA and all the rule changing and rule bending for business hurt the 
middle and lower classes.  A large part of our current problems come from Clinton paying off big business. 

But again I must ask: Compared to whom?  Compared to Der Fuhrer?  to Poppy?  to Reagan? 
I don't mean to lecture you but you sound like a Nader-bot.
Don't let people tell you how evil Clinton was - have them list the better modern presidents.


I wish I could believe in Obama but right now I feel that he also is Republican light, the current style of Capitalism 
has Goldman Sachs taking money from the government shows that but rather than trying to really change 
the system the very people that have a big stake in it, have lived and worked in are the ones that are going to "change" it. 
Right, we are paying burglars to not steal and then no doing anything when they keep on stealing.

We are putting off change and that will make the coming mess only bigger and uglier. 
The top two percent will be able to build walls high enough to be some what safe but the rest of us are screwed.

Have a good day!
 M Hudson in Oregon

MH, I suggest that you recalibrate the way you assess Democratic politicians.
They're ALL going to be GOP-lite when compared to a mythical president who has never existed.

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