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Subject:  Clinton *couldn't* go after Reagan and Poppy Bush 

<>Bart, I don't know why progressives keep telling this lie about Bill Clinton, but here are the facts:
There were investigations into Iran-Contra in the 80s (including one by the Dems). The result?
The 1987 Tower Commission report stated Reagan had no knowledge, and Special Prosecutor
Lawrence Walsh personally visited Reagan and determined he could not be prosecuted because
he was not mentally competent to stand trial.

In December 1992, Walsh said he had evidence showing GHW Bush had a deeper involvement
than previously disclosed, however, he didn't supoena GHW Bush's personal diaries (somehow it
took him 5 years to find out they had been withheld from investigators), or even interview the man
himself; in fact, Walsh made an agreement with GHW Bush not to do so before the election
(a critical error, as we shall see in a moment).

The 1987 Senate Iran-Contra panel - led by Lee Hamilton (D-9/11 Whitewash)

 - issued a report that essentially let GHW Bush off the hook. In January 1993, (as his parting
gift to himself) GHW Bush pardoned Weinberger, Abrams and four others. Robert Parry (who broke
many of the Iran-Contra stories, and is no friend of the Clintons, to say the least) says Walsh received
no support from Bill Clinton and the Dems into a continuing investigation, but stated flatly (and no doubt
grudgingly)  that the pardon of Weinberger by itself blocked any possible future incrimination of GHW Bush.
So there was really nothing that Bill could have done.
          Sergei in Milwaukee

And we know Bush picked Hamilton to co-chair that phony 9-11 Commission that Bush tried to kill
because Hamilton had already shown a tendency to "play ball" with the Bush bastards.

The day Bush announced Hamilton's appointment, I knew the 9-11 fix was in.


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