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Subject: Clinton toxicity

I haven't seen your response to Clinton's toxicity to our down-ballot races here in Texas. 
If you missed it in the flood of e-mail you get I wrote about it here:

I believe that non-scientific poll to be horse hockey.
Hillary one point ahead of Mike Gravel?
C'mon, you know better than that...
Hillary has the money, the machine, the name and the momentum.
Who even knows how to pronounce Gravel? 

You've talked around it some lately -- about Democrats taking her down
-- so it can't just be my e-mail that's giving you this impression.

What impression do I have?
The scientific polls show her way ahead - and leaving the pack.

This poll from the LATimes/Bloomberg says that Hillary loses to all the 
top Republicans, but Obama beats them all.  Edwards is two for three.  

That means America wants a bigger, wider war and I don't believe that.
Anyone who says a Republican can win is telling you that - don't believe them.
And an Obama victory says we're tried of war - so this poll needs to make up it's mind.

Don't miss this part: 18 percent of Democrats polled say they will never vote for Hillary
under any circumstance. That's true for only six percent for Edwards and five percent for Obama.

That's our suicidal Democrats for you.
They'd rather have four more years of Bushhell than let HER take the big chair.
Why does our side think winning is bad?

Now Bart, I have always considered polls to be as valuable as toilet paper -- which means they 
have a lot of value for about five seconds, then should be quickly discarded.  But people with more 
education -- and allegedly smarter than both of us -- place a lot of emphasis on crap like this.  

A poll that says we want more war AND less war can't be believed.

Even though the margin of error is five percent -- that's really too high -- which means Hillary's 
polling inside of it, that nearly one out of five Democrats who say they won't ever vote for her 
is who you mean when you say "Democrats hate her and don't want her to win", is that right?

Shit, I sure want to be wrong about this, Bubba; and I suppose you'll tell me how I am.
 Perry D

It's Hillary's election to lose.
People hate it when I state the facts, but what choice do I have?

Hillarty's going to win every state Kerry won 
- then add about 6 million women voters and pop the champagne.

But when she takes the oath, people can't hold me responsible for everything she does..

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