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Subject: The Clintons not doing enough... 


The Clintons have both already done more to support Obama than any other persons would have 
been expected to in their positions.  I don't remember Kerry or Gore getting all this great support 
from the candidates they ran against in their primaries.  Yet the Clintons are expected to carry Obama 
over the finish line.  Why?  How about Obama and his folks do some of the work themselves.  

After all the crap they hurled at the Clintons during the primaries they?re damn lucky the Clintons 
say anything good about him.  The Democrats are cutting their own throats every time they say 
anything negative about the Clintons.  The only two term wildly successful Democratic President 
of our lifetime, and the only Democratic  presidential candidate to receive 18 million + votes, 
plus the fact that Hillary is the most popular woman politician in our country, maybe even the world?  
Not a good strategy if you ask me.

If Obama loses this election it's not going to be the Clinton's fault.  It will be the fault of Obama 
and his supporters who couldn't get enough people on his bandwagon.  You don't get people to 
vote for you by calling them names.  I don't notice Republicans saying nasty things about Reagan, 
Bush the 1st, or even the sad excuse for a President who is in office now.  They know that is 
something you just don't do if you want to be a unified party.  There will be a lot of Republicans 
holding their noses for a change, but they?ll still vote for McCain.

I?m sorry Bart, but Obama and his bunch keep shooting themselves in the foot, and we're the ones 
who are going to suffer for it.  The Democrats gave us a candidate who doesn?t know what the hell
he is doing, and his supporters are alienating just about everybody but his core followers.  
Not the way to win an election.

I appreciate all you did to support Hillary, but I don't envy that now you have to support Obama 
who could lose in a year when Democrats should have waltzed into the White House with mo problem.

But I know you?ll keep hammering, that's what REAL Democrats do.

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