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Forget the Haters, Obama delivered
by Joe Conason


Complaints about Obama's State of the Union address on both sides of the political divide
seemed to miss its point and purpose. Like every successful speech of its kind, Obama's
message resonated on more than one level. So while he conceded little ground to the right,
the president nevertheless sought to draw his adversaries--and even more so the independent
voters who temporarily sided with them--into the American story he told.

The meaning of that narrative could scarcely have been clearer. Obama articulated a vision
of the nation's future shaped by an idealistic view of our past, in which government encourages
growth, opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness by an inventive and industrious people. If that
isn't the whole history of America, it is certainly an appealing theme--and one that contrasts
powerfully with the partisan negativity and apocalyptic pessimism voiced by the Republicans.

Gently but persuasively, the president suggested that the electoral turn toward the Republicans
last November was a mistake, and began to explain why.

The president cannot expect the Republicans to move his agenda forward during the next
two years, but he can start to demonstrate why their own agenda is empty and stagnant.
In that task he was amply assisted by the (two!) sourly partisan and negative rejoinders to
his speech from the other side. Michele Bachmann repeated the same stale talking points
that always issue from her mouth when she isn't inventing fables about our history.
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the new House budget chairman, failed again to indicate how
his party will restore fiscal balance--let alone how they mean to address the central
questions of education, science, technology, and infrastructure.

I didn't see it, but Obama always delivers a good speech.



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