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Great Concerts I've Seen 

I've seen many great ones (Bruce, The Stones, Billy Joel, Elton John, the Allman Brothers) but the strangest
was one I saw 35 years ago in Jersey at old Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City.  It use to be a minor league
baseball park and, sadly, has been replaced by yuppie condos.  Anyway I got tickets to see Rod Stewart
and Faces for a summer show. 

I was looking forward to it and then, a few weeks before the show, it was announced that Alvin Lee and
Ten Years After were added as an opening act.  I was a huge Ten Years After fan and they were on their
last legs as a major touring act.  They took the stage at 8:00 PM opening up with "Rock N' Roll Music
to the World" and never looked back.  Halfway through they did "Love Like a Man" with Alvin Lee doing
a guitar solo that totally blew my mind. 

When they came out for their encore Alvin Lee says, "We think you know this one" and went full blast into
"I'm Going Home."  I tell people to picture Woodstock with 400,000 people and asking 365,000 of them to leave. 

It was near riot level conditions.  Here's the's you know where Rod Stewart and Faces are!!! 
They have to follow this.  They took over an hour to come out (great momentum killer) and played abusively loud. 

I didn't understand a single song and here's Stewart cracking stupid New Jersey jokes. 
I walked out with my date and haven't felt the same about Stewart or Faces since.
OK, that's my trip down memory lane.
Chris D. from NJ


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