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Great concerts I've seen 

I saw the Beatles last concert (little did we know) at Candlestick Park Aug. 29, 1966. 
Tickets were $4.50 and a mid valley radio station offered a deal for a ticket, box lunch 
and transportation via Greyhound for $20.00. 

You couldn't hear the band for the screaming, and looking behind me a few rows up 
I noticed a group of people wearing clown costumes.....which I thought was pretty strange. 

Three years or so later I read 'The Electric Kool-aid Acid test'  and found out 
the people in the clown outfits were Ken Kesey and his pranksters.

Keep swingin' the hammer
 Randy on Vashon

Got a favorite concert memory?
Ever see a LEGEND or a GIANT in concert?
Or maybe just a band in their finest hour?

 I saw some great ones, Bart!

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