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Great concerts I've seen

Dear Bart,
I wish you hadn't gotten me started, because being from Motown back in the day, 
I've seen more than my fair share of great concerts. I could go on and on, but I will not bore you 
with my "list" of performers that I've experienced, except to note one of the most notable exceptions...
It was 1972 or '73. My girl friend at that time got us tickets to see somebody name "Ike and Tina Turner". 
I was up on everybody (or so I thought) and I wasn't expecting much from this concert, put on by performers I wasn't familar with. 
We caught Ike and Tina's gig at the University of Detroit Field House with opening act 'The J Geils Band' (with Peter Wolf fronting). 
Well, J Geils just picked them up and layed them down and the audience was really buzzing along (literally, um-hum). 
Peter Wolf went on to do his own thing (Love Stinks), but in my estimation, he should have stayed with the J Geils Band.
After a short break, this all black band comes out and this guy (who turned out to be Ike) gets out front, gives a signal 
and it was non stop rock and roll for the next 3 hours. Tina didn't come on until the second number. Ike and company 
played this very tight, loud and boogie-woogie first number with the back up singers/dancers- The Ikettes. 
Me, not knowing any better, thought that this was the whole act and if it had of been, 
I wouldn't have been in the least disappointed because they were great.
However, at the start of the second number, Tina comes on stage in this short shimmy dress cut up to the top of some 
very long legs and immediately goes into this high energy song and dance routine (that she would become internationally 
famous for when she finally got the right management).  I noticed early in the show that all the girls, except Tina, were 
wearing spike heels at least 4, maybe 5 inches tall. Tina's spike heels were at least 6 inches tall. How Tina danced non-stop 
for 3 hours in those things I'll never know.  But she did and there wasn't a square inch of stage that she didn't cover and own
- with her back up girls right behind her. The show was high energy, beautifully choreograped, big time rock and roll by some 
wonderfully talented musicians, dancers/back up singers. The incomparable Tina Turner just floored everybody. 
Ike sure did know how to put a show together.
We had been on our feet through most of J Geils and we were on our feet for all of Ike and Tina's show. We were in the 
fifth row and once or twice I looked behind me to observe the reaction of the racous crowd. Like lots of Detroit things 
I'd gone to, such as the Motown Christmas Shows, the crowd was intersperced with black and white partiers and 
everybody was having a great time and race was certainly not an issue.
I didn't know till much later that Ike was a druggie and wife abuser and I was so sorry to learn that Tina had suffered 
so much under him with his drug fueled rages. Ike is dead. Tina, as we all know, went on to the 'World Stage' and is 
still knocking them down. That night, long ago in Detroit, those of us in attendance were privilrged to see a really great show. 
I don't think anybody in attendance will ever forget or would ever want to forget that night of pure, high energy rock and roll.
And did I tell you I saw Ratt play a small outdoor concert at the end of a 5000 motorcycles rally in Nevada last Saturday Night?
That's the original Ratt, together for 25 years and still getting everybody on their feet and booging. 
They were polished, tight and gave us a great show. Man, I sure am blessed. The Beat Goes On...
Tom P  Palm Coast, Florida and Sunset, Utah

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