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Subject: Cooked Geese and Radical politics

Bart, you wrote

> Bush & Cheney could still go all "President for Life" on us, and there's just Ol' Bart 
> and a handful of other liberals with guns ready to fight for the REAL America. 

>  Liberals - afraid to arm themselves for a fight.
>  How did I land in this party of silly gooses?

They drugged the water--It's the chemical lobotomies we all have, making us too apathetic to 
yank these hyenas out of power by the short-hairs, impeach their asses, and frog-march them
shackled and pissing their pants, into the War Crimes Tribunal where they've belonged for years.

This isn't a whacked out conspiracy theory. There is scientific concern over the fact that millions 
of Americans on psyche meds piss these toxic drugs into the water, and our drinking water filtering 
system isn't sophisticated enough to remove the crazy-making chems.  For the tinfoil hat folks, 
there's also a bunch of  "Chem Trails" videos found with a search on You Tube that posit the 
notion that we've been dosed with MIC-dispensed sky-drugs. 

Back in my day (Berkeley when JFK assassinated), millions of us would have climbed the 
1600 Pennsylvania Ave fence and dragged them out pissing their pants to the stockades 
by 2003 after having it "up to HERE" with these psychopaths. 

Not wanting any such replay of the American Spirit's true ferocity, Democratic Spirit, and 
Humanity, perhaps the answer to your question: "How did I land in this party of silly gooses?" 
is in the fact that we are "cooked" gooses by the fascist coup de sociopathology.

I suggest that the nutwad fascists running this country got the "secret" Pharmaceutical Arm 
of the DOD to experiment on Americans to drug (Monsanto) our genetically engineered food, 
our psych-med-dosed water, chem-seeded the clouds to dose the aur we breathe to see just
how much shit they can do to us, shred our Constitution, Bill of Rights, violate all of our American
beliefs, attitudes, compassion, infrastructure, and institutions, and observe how we deal. 

I can feel the icy Nazi slimey breath of Big Brother ticking off the measurements to report 
to the next Pilgrims' Meeting.

It would behoove everyone to read this book by psychiatrist Peter Breggin ( called 
"Toxic Psychiatry," and get an informed look at just how we've been chemically manipulated and abused. 
It seems to me we're experiencing a COOKED GOOSE version of Huxley's SOMA in Brave New World.

Love you, Bart, in spite of the fact that you're naïve and "hopeful." 
(step away from the Bong, dood...i'm jis sayin').

Snarling ("Fuk no, we won't go for the program!!) PUMA

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