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Subject: The One True Reality vs. Polyrealism

Dear Church of Reality members,

People often ask me what it is that's different about the Church of Reality. 
The answer is, we are dedicated to real reality, the one true reality. 
What reality is the one true reality? It's the real reality, the reality that really is real. 
It is the some total of everything that actually exists. No reality but reality.

In contrast, most other religions are polyrealistic. They believe in multiple realities. 
Realities that can only be experienced by emotions generated by the imagination. 
They are taught to turn their back on what they call the "material world" which is 
associated with being evil and believing instead in the "spiritual world" and other 
worlds of the imagination.

But there is only one true reality and that reality is the sum of everything that actually is real. 
Polyrealism is a cheat. It like saying that there are other realities that aren't part of reality 
and because they are part of a "different reality" you can't prove they don't exists because 
they are untestable. 

They call this "faith" but in that context it's really a call to reject reality. To accept faith
is to turn your back on the real world and put your imagination ahead of existence. 
To be a Realist is to turn your back on your imagination and put reality first. 
And that's what makes the Church of Reality different from all other religions.

I've made some new videos that I uploaded to You Tube and Google Video. 
They are crudely produced. Just me and my web cam but I think they get the point across.

The Faith Paradox


And - my rant on global warming and population control.

More are coming.

Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality
Dedicated to the one true Reality - the real reality that actually is real.

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