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Subject: wrong about Hillary and Superman 

Oh NOW I GOTTA debate you.

In yesterday's page, you said:

> "As I said a dozen times, when you go to Comic Con and ask
> "Who's your favorite super hero?"
and Superman comes in
  >at less than one percent, you know the fix is in.

That's a bad example because Superman is NOT that popular with the kind of people who go to Comic Con. 
The people who go to Comic Con are the ones who show up at their comic shop every Wednesday for that
week's books and Superman just doesn't appeal to them currently.  The comic is only selling about 40,000
copies a month (and to compare, this month's issue of The Avengers sold around 160,000 copies). 
Superman has only had one really GOOD story in about 10 years, and fans tend to drift away
from books they feel are just treading water.

In the last Comic Buyer's Guide poll, the top five character were Batman, Wolverine, Deadpool,
Green Lantern and Spider-Man.  Superman wasn't even in the top 10.  He has no appeal to the hard core
because the publisher hasn't been putting out decent stories that comic book fans care about, while the
creators of the comics that are at the top of the poll have a lot of things that mainstream audiences
wouldn't care about like big stories that fix past stories, revelations about character's pasts and
crossovers with other books.  You probably lost interest just READING that last sentence,
but that is what appeals to modern comic book buyers.

Now, with people who aren't comics fans (like you) Superman has huge name recognition,
and the character is popular enough that the Smallville TV show has gone on for 9 seasons. 
But at Con, these are the hardest of the hard-core, and they just couldn't care less about
Superman right now.   Kind of like how casual rock fans say the guy from Def Leppard
is the best rock drummer ever, but musicians will name Neal Peart without hesitation.

Neal Peart?
Perhaps you meant living drummers?

I suppose Peart was good enough to be John Bonham's roadie...

So, what does this have to do with Kos's polls?

The ones that Hillary came in at less than one percent were the "Click here to vote" polls,
and Kos's audience is the further left Dems who feel that Clinton was a right-winger. 
So, Kos's audience won't click on her button, while the mainstream voted for her. 
Kind of like how Ron Paul won endless on-line polls,
but couldn't get more than 2% of the vote in any primary.

Cory!! Strode
The Best Dressed Man In Comics

Cory, you were doing OK until the last paragraph.

Kos's polls were crooked, false and fake.
No way his readers are 99% Hillary haters.

Hell, I can't get 3/4 of my readers to agree the sun is hot.

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