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Subject: last issue's historic mystery
Only two people got last issue's history mystery.

The reason good Democrats want
Kari Matchett to have a long, lucrative role
on Covert Affairs is because she's playing Valerie Plame, the show's technical advisor.

That's way cool because, when the show does a scene, it's Valerie's job to speak up and say,
"No, they wouldn't do it that way, they'd do this way, instead,"  so it gives the show realism.

Since those petty Bush bastards decided to out Valerie to get even with her husband Joe,
and they didn't mind endangering the lives of everyone who knew Valerie, or their friends,
we good Democrats would like to see Valerie rewarded since "Justice" kicked her in the teeth.

When crooked sons of bitches run the Justice Department, you get justice where you can.

And nobody got the bonus points for knowing the crazy Hollywood twist that almost never happens?


Kari Matchett is a fine-looking actress, no argument there.
So how often is the real life historical figure sexier than the actress who played hert?


Anyone old enough to remember Cinnamon from the original Mission: Impossible?


The point is a valid one.
Some women are sexy enough to make a man throw it all away for a chance to be with her.

Same for James Bond.
How many of you female readers would do something stupid
for a chance to "land" Sean Connery in his prime?


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