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Subject: Dallas Cowboy love

Hi Bart,

Man oh man, you take pro football very seriously. Being from Texas, I have been a lifelong Cowboys fan,
but while it's fun to watch them win, I don't fall apart because they lose. After all, it's just a game and there are
more important things in life to worry about, like affordable health care for all.

I don't like the NY Giants but I was rooting for them during the Super Bowl when they beat the New England Pats.
The Patriots were caught cheating and during their SB run they were undefeated and the media were already painting them
as the best pro football team ever. That's why I dislike the Patriots, their cheating.

During Super Bowl XXXIX some members of the Eagles said that it was as if the Patriots knew which plays Philadelphia
was going to run, both on defense and offense. Coincidence? I think not. 

They're like Barry Switzer's Oklahoma Sooners, cheat to win. 

Barry's never been caught cheating, but he kicked a lot of Texas ass over the years

so I can see how you'dd like to project some bad things on him for revenge.

BTW, as much as I like the Cowboys, I was very disappointed JJ picked Switzer to coach the team.
Switzer turned the Cowboys into mush.

Wrong, because I remember the play where Switzer lost his job.
Emmitt Smith came out of the backfield to Acheman's left.

Having set up the screen, Troy threw a little wobbler than looked like Carrie Prejean threw it.
Smith dropped it, and the annnouncers said, "Switzer doesn't have his team ready to play."


Multi-millionaire Pro Bowlers need better coaching to catch a lobbed screen pass?

Anyway, the Cowboys might be arrogant and they're not a great team at this time like in years past
(Read: Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin), but it's okay that they lose once in a while because, after all, it's just a game.

Keep on hating on the Cowboys because reading about it on your blog is ROTFLMAO.

P.S. I can hardly wait to read how you're going to dissect what I wrote. :) 

I don't take football too seriously, but I take Dallas losing very seriously.

I got an hout of Cowboy low-lights from that Green Bay fiasco :)
I even keep a yellow flag by my chair for Dallas penalties that the ref's ignore.

I feel kinda sorry for you - you only root for one team.
Me?  I have 35 favorite teams - whoever's playing Dallas!

But, I hope they win enough games to get crushed in their first post-season game.


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