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Subject: Iran reverb

Thanks Bart for posting my letter with only one word changed.

I wonder what word that was?
I would've changed something for clarity, or sometimes, like I often do,
people type a different word than they were thinking and I change it to make sense.

Would you also post this communication?

Anyway, why did you post it as monkey-mail? 

Usually Monkey Mail designation is for a bad attitude
but yours was probably due to "Zionland."

Do some Isarel haters think an exploding nuke will only affect right-wingers?
And all the Left-leaning Israelis will walk away from the bomb unscathed?

You didn't post Richard's letter as MM, and his was verbally much more abusive
like monkey-mail ... and why do you have to go all pervert and suggest that I'm getting
sexually aroused by simply calling that shitty little country (a covertly official identity
first established by France's ambassador to England) Zionland?  After all, Israel IS a
Zionist-first (and not always Jewish) creation!  Or do you think that the word "Zionland" is
a nasty name?

It's not a "nasty" name, but people use that to shock, like the word "nigger."

By the way, my problem is not with "Jews" per-se, its mostly with ZIONISTS. 
There is a difference you know, and there are quite a few Jews who declare that difference most adamantly:

You also need to realize that there are at least 10 times as many Christian-Zionist
in the world as there are the apostate Jewish sort.

Do you think that the "We-Hold-These-Truths" people are anti-Semitic?

Or are you still not reading what I type because you have some pre-conceived notion
as to who I may or may not hate?

When I see "Zionland" or "Zionists" I know I'm dealing with "one of those people."

Oh yeah, and Marc Perkel provides you with no financial aid ... but if that's true, why does it say : 
"Computer Tyme Hosting is owned by Marc Perkel, who first put Bartcop on the Internet back
in 1996 and keeps Bartcop online today," at the bottom of your home webpage?

Marc doesn't charge me any hosting fees.
His banner at the bottom (sometimes middle) of the page is his payment.

You asked if he was going to "increase my allowance," which is insulting.
That implies I'm a child who gets an allowance from Daddy when I behave.

Finally, WHEN AND WHERE did Iran kill and injure more than 40,000 American troops? 
While you may claim that about Iraq, regarding Iran, that is just talking straight out of your ass, you know.

Anyway Bart, I do hope you're feeling better tomorrow.

Take care,

Dude, seriously?

You have no idea where the IEDs that killed and maimed all those American soldiers
came from ?
Do you think there's a C-4 factory in Bagdad that our military doesn't know about?

If you think Iran had nothing to do with the manufacture and transport of IEDs
then your illogical motives for protecting Iran come more clearly into focus.

If you're going to have super-strong feelings about Iran vs Israel,
you should have a clue what you're talking about.

I am shocked that you don't know where the soldier-killing IEDs came from
but I appreciate the feedback.



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