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Subject: Blacks and Barak Obama

I know a lot of whites hate to hear this and there may actually be blacks who disagree, but I'm gonna say it like my family and most of the hard core black democrats I know will tell you.  Number one, I'm voting for Barack Obama because he is a Democrat.  Number two, I am voting for him because he is black.  If he were running as a Republican, I would not vote for him because I am Democrat.  If he were not running, then I would vote for Hillary. 

Why do you and other whites have a problem with blacks voting for someone because they are black?  I mean, jeez, it's friggin obvious.  I suppose if it were the other way around you guys would vote for another yet another black man because embodies all the traits that a good candidate should?  Don't give your race that much credit.  There have been too many black actors/actresses, musicians, athletes, business people and yes, even politicians who didn't get the votes because of out and out racism.  And even though Denzel and Halle and Michael (Jordan) have managed to become the stuff of legend, it's because they have (hopefully) exceeded the quality of work of their peers beyond compare.  Or maybe that's a token gesture too.  I guess it really doesn't matter, does it?  You and I both know that the percentage of blacks voting compared to whites and Mexicans wont really make that much of a difference.  No president has ever won office strictly on the black vote, just like no rapper has ever became a millionaire strictly selling albums to black people.  White people are going to make the difference on this one. 

Also stop this mess about blacks having abandoned Hillary.  They're good people, but it wasn't like they freed the slaves.  I voted for Bill because he was a democrat.  Hell, I was 20 years old, and didn't know shit about politics.  I voted democrat because my father is a democrat, my mother is a democrat and my grandparents were democrats.  It was only during the first George W. Bush election that I fully comprehended just what our party meant and what was going on.  I can't get all misty eyed about the Clintons. They did a good job in office and I was steadily employed.  But to be honest, the only white president I felt who ever fully embraced the plight of the poor and minorities was Jimmy Carter and unfortunately for him with that type of idealism, there was no way in hell could have had a successful presidency.

This is what it boils down to.  Even though I am voting for Obama because he's black, it's more than that, man.   We blacks have a valid, heartfelt and very personal reason you cannot even begin to comprehend, even the deepest level.  Forget Jesse and Al and all those other hucksters and pretenders.  Obama's got the Ivy League degree, the lawyer background and he's served as a senator, three qualifications most candidates have when running for president.  If Hillary wants the black vote, she may have to get rid of Obama.  And the way politicians play, this could easily be done, and they don't even have to shoot him.  Just come up with naked pictures of him with a white woman!  That will kill his popularity with whites and essentially kill him as a viable candidate...that's how much power white people have. 

You keep going on about how we are going to ruin it for the Democrats and a Republican is going to end up winning because we black people are shortsighted, we don't see the big picture.  Hillary has experience how?  Because she's the wife of a former president?  Yes she may have stepped off the plane at Kosovo and she did try to initiate a new health care plan for all Americans, I will acknowledge that.  But man, she was never president of the United States.   It's an open playing field.  She can stay in the race as long as she's got the money.  But don't' nobody owe Hillary shit, just because she's the Big Dog's wife.  It's a sexist, racist world, that goes for both blacks and whites.  I'd hate to see McCain get it, but to miss out on my chance to help make history for my people?  Not this time baby.  Besides, if the rich, white man wins, tell me something, how does this make it any different than it has in the past?  And as far as other races voting along racial lines, what about when a Mexican runs?  As many Mexicans as there are in this country?  Please.  Unless they shoot him before November, I'm voting for Obama. And Bart, I'm just cynical enough to believe that shit might actually happen.

Do what you gotta do.  But we're not all misguided or ignorant and about what's going to happen in November.  Most of us know anyway.  We just wanted to try, that's all.


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