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Subject: Bart the Zionist stooge


Richard answered you, he just didn't do it in the first-grade, Dick and Jane mode. 

Really?  Richard answered the question?
What was his answer because I couldn't find it.

You keep acting as if Zionland is being governed by rational people ... its not. 

Once you use the word "Zionland," I know exactly what I'm dealing with.

Furthermore, if I were to risk trusting either of those two ME nations,
I'd just look at their past history.

So far, ever since its re-birth as an Islamic Republic, Iran has initiated no attack
on any of its neighbors. 

I think there are thousands of soldiers buried at Arlington who'd disagree with that.
I think there are about 40,000 dismembered/brain-shaken vets who would disagree, too.

By comparison, Zionland has pre-emptively attacked multiple countries in that same
region of the globe since at least 1948, most often by producing a variety of "false-flag"
event, even against its "only friend," us. 

Go ahead, Google it, "Israel's false-flag attacks against America."

Furthermore, if you look at the devolving maps of Palestine since 1948,
you get a more honest understanding of who is really pushing whom into the sea.

Richard is mostly saying "STFU" because you really do sound like a cluelessly
(quasi-)Christian handjob of radical Zionism's Hasbara brigade.  He seems concerned
that many of your other (remaining) contributors also see what you're devolving into.

You can accuse me of a lot of things, but "crazy over the shit in the Middle East"
isn't an accusation that would hold water outside your little anti-Israel coven.

I have no idea what radical Zionism's Hasbara brigade means and I choose not to Goggle it.

Or is Perkel going to just forever increase whatever skeletal allowance he's bought you off with?

Tell me Bart, do you really like appearing as a Zionist stooge?

You guys are all from the same crazy mold.

Like I said, once I read "Zionland" there was no need to read further.
I know whatever words follow are going to be boilerplate "fuck the Jews" so I stop reading.

Maybe, one day before I die, I might get an email fron a SANE person who disagrees with Israel.
I'll know that he's sane because his e-mail won't carry all those can't-help-myself buzzwords.

I know you got wood when you wrote "Zionland" and you probably got wood again
seeing it in print so I should get $5 or $10 for that.

BTW, Perkel doesn't pay me anything.

I can't even tell you what his position is on Israel but like myself, whatever his position is,
he did not arrive at that position because he's religiously insane.

Maybe it would help if you joined Perkel's Church of Reality?


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