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Subject: I voted for Obama and lost my job because of it 

Bart, I have read your website daily for the last many years, and I have always found it VERY informative and VERY entertaining.

I was employed as a contractor by the CDC in Atlanta for the last 9 years, and found out that I lost my job yesterday. (Feb 8th)
I voted for Barack Obama because I believed in the change that he would bring to this country.  I lost many “friends” during this 
time that basically decided that I was an idiot for believing in anything that Obama said or did.

I know what you're saying.
I lost a shitload of online friends for prefering Hillary. 

I actually wept on the night of the election and felt that this would be the absolute BEST thing to happen to this country in a long time.

However, President Obama hand appointed Dr. Thomas Frieden as the NEW Director of the CDC, where I work. 
One of Dr. Frieden’s first tasks was to do away and consolidate the coordinating centers here at the CDC.  
I worked at of those centers.

The downsizing and re-organization that he instituted caused a budget shortage that caused my contract to be eliminated.  
Yesterday I was told that in 22 days, I would not have a job any longer.  After 9 years of driving 60 miles to work, 
getting to work  at 6:15AM, and working DAMN hard at my job.

I have had nothing but EXCELLENT customer relations and my work was constantly praised by my clients.
I realize that Obama would have won without my vote, but I made many sacrifices in my personal life to support 
this man for President.  I mean MANY MANY sacrifices.

Now I no longer have a job as a DIRECT result of his policies.
I am no “Joe the Plumber” but I am now a DIRECT CASUALTY of the Obama Administration.

As much as I railed against the former administration, I had a job the entire time Bush was in office.
How can I tell my kids to “do the right thing” and vote for the good of the country, when it has DIRECTLY cost me my job?

In this economy, I don’t know what I will be able to find, but I will certainly keep looking.
I have become a product of my own wishes, which is truly sad.
I voted for the man that allowed my 9 year job to be taken away. 
How is THAT helping me or this country?

A dedicated bartcop fan.
Thank you.

Lots of us got "change" that was different than we hoped.
Sorry your version of change was so toxic.

Maybe Obama will learn to lead and get some bills passed to get the economy going again.

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