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Dateline stung over 'Predator' series


NBC News, which is facing legal and media heat for the suicide of a suspected child predator
a local Texas prosecutor (probably a Republican) targeted by Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" series,
is facing yet another investigation Friday on ABC newsmag 20/20 (10 ET/PT).

I listened to Dateline ensnare some idiot perverts last night while I was working on the page.
I'm not pro-pervert, but I don't like the way they do that show.

When you bust a guy for drugs, he has to have the drugs on him. When you bust a guy for guns,
he has to have the guns on him or at least under his control, like in his car, under his pillow, etc.
But NBC and these cops are busting guys for a crime that has not happened.

Almost every time, the NBC dude starts with, "How old are you?" and they tell him.
They he asks, "And how old is the girl you're here to have sex with?" and I wonder
why more of them don't say, "I have no idea, I've never even met this person."

NBC and the cops seem to think every internet claim is true and nobody ever lies.
What if a 25 year old woman says she's 16 to get the guy to show up?

For catching these guys on video, they have a horrible track record. USA Today says out of
200 arrests, they got 120 convictions.  That tells me 80 of the 300 had the brains to say,
"Screw you, I didn't do anything. I never touched her and I never even saw her."

On seeing her, those men might have said, "Whoa, I ain't having sex with no kid."
Note: I wouldn't bet on that, but my best guess shouldn't be enough to convict a guy.

The 120 convictions were probably poor men with shit lawyers who, instead of doing their jobs,
suggested to their poor clients that they plead out and accept the stain on their permanent record
while Sammy the Shiester goes back to billing clints with jobs.

Lastly, whore NBC isn't doing this "for the safety of America's children."
They're doing it to make money by titilating their pervert viewers with stories of sex with kids.

Maybe NBC needs to be read their rights.

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