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Subject: I believe you're wrong about the N word.


I think you are wrong.  You claim that Obama's opponents call him the N word but you offer no proof of it. 
If there was a way to settle it I would bet you that they do not use that word.  I doubt that there is a single member 
of the House or the Senate that calls him that.  It just doesn't happen or it would be found out and for you to repeatedly 
claim that it does with no proof is just wrong. 

Is you crazy?

Basically, you just said there's no racism in America.
How could racism exist if the racists respected Blacks enough to address them in a way they'd prefer?

Of course, they won't use "nigger" on TV or when they're giving a speech, but when you get behind closed doors
and there are no reporters around, how do you think theu're going to talk about "those people?"

Koresh, McCain called his wife a C-word in front of two reporters - he let that slip out.
How do you think he talks to her when reporters aren't there?

You live in Eastern Tennessee - you trying to tell me you don't gear the N-word where you live?
In Oklahoma they use it like "darn" or "shucks."
They consider "African American" something fags from New York say.

That's why rednecks MOCK New York - because they speak "funny" in the Northeast states.
Trust me - any state that McCain carried has a majority of people who sue that work.

Also, not everyone one opposes Predident Obama is a racist. 

Nobody said that was the case.
You do read, right?

I said yesterday that people who are in a rage and can't say why are angry at his skin color and 
they can't really say that on TV so they're unable to say anything besides "I want my country back."

Not everyone who calls him a liar is a racist. 

Nobody said that was the case.
But those who call him a liar and can't list the lies are probably raced-based.

Don't forget, these same people opposed President Clinton and he is white. 

I never heard anyone scream insults at Clinton who couldn't say why they hate him. 
They said they hated Clinton because he was a skirt-chasing, dope-smoking, draft-dodging KGB agent.
They knew exactly why they hated him and they didn't have to hide behind "I want my country back.".

And not everyone who disagrees with you does so out of an evil black heart. 

Nobody said that was the case.
That lady who wrote yesterday was calm and pleasant so she didn't get a Monkey Mail graphic.
Monkeys are racist knuckldedraggers who can't stop screaming long enough to make sense.

There are people who honestly disagree with you because they believe you and your positions are wrong. 

Fine, let them stand up and make their case and I'll show them where they're wrong.
If they can't explain why they're insane with rage, we'll know it's racism.

If you feel so rightous about your gleeful use of the N word 
why don't you try using the C**n  word, or the j*g-a-b** word"

I have no idea what c--n means.
I have no idea what  j*g-a-b** word" is, either.

Maybe you meant THE c-word?  I do use that.
When they call us "the Democrat party," we should call them Republicunts.
Trust me, they'd come up with a different slur if people followed my advice.

And if j*g-a-b**  is jigaboo, why would I use that word?
I haven't heard or seen that word in many years.

Nobody uses that word, not even the racist scumbags.

I am not talking about the religious nuts, they are as evil as men come.  But not all Republicans are religiously 
insane, nor are all conservatives.  And I know for a fact that not all Republicans and conservatives are racists. 
One does not have to hate black people to oppose affirmative action.  Nor does one have to be a racist to think 
that Al Sharpton and others like him are dishonest and self serving men.

Are you going to explain their insanity?

They're OK with Bush lying about WMDs and 4500 soldiers dying, but they want 
Clinton cruicified because 21 Marines died in Poppy Bush's idiotic adventure in Somalia?

That's insane. 

They're OK with Iran-Contra and Valerie Plame and the S&L scandals and Wall Street crashing and the
housing market crashing but Clinton had a girlfriend so we stopped the world for 2 years to investigate.

That's insane.

Yes, to some degree, Republicans are insane by definition.

And what does your need to defend them say about you?

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