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Subject: Thanks for nothing

Thanks for lumping my support for Parry with Matthews, Rush, etc.
Pretty dickish - and wholly idiotic. You know that's not true.

If you open the conversation with a personal slutr,
how surprised can you be if I defend myself?

As you've spent enough time on ConsortiumNews to clip columns you 
claim are "Hillary Bashing," you MUST have seen the piece Parry wrote  
coming down on Obama for his ignorant praise of Reagan:

After having donated several hundred dollars to you over the years, though, 
I'm pretty surprised that you'd suggest that my defense of  Parry means I like 
Fox News, etc. You know that's not the case. If it  was, I'd never read you 
- not to mention donate money when I could.

Try to realize that from your point of view, we're having a one-on-one 
discussion about a topic that we strongly disagree on.

On my end, I'm fighting 90% of the vocal Democrats (and 99% of all blogs) 
who want "their favorite" to fight the GOP slime machine instead of our most 
qualified knife-fighter.

Had you started with, "I'm a regular contributor and I have a question,"
our exchange would've been a lot different. But when you start with,
"Don't be a pussy," things can get hot pretty quick.

We disagree with a journalist's take on HRC. Fine. You think he's mind-reading. 
I think he's making reasoned judgements based on WJC's actions as President 
and HRC's time in the Senate - along with HRC's  own comments - like her praise 
of Reagan in Tom Brokaw's book:

He doesn't write hateful screeds. He makes reasoned analyses with which you disagree.   
I suggest you continue to quote him so that you have to raise your game to deal with his comments.

You ignored the evidence I presented and you took a swipe at me for making unfounded accusations. 
If you're going to tell me I'm wrong, why not use quotes?

It's lazy and easy to write him (and me) off as Rush Limbaugh supporters 
because we disagree with you.

As I say, it's your page - but it, and you, are poorer for not rising to 
the challenges Parry's criticisms set forth. There are sound arguments 
to be made against Parry's assessments, and you can make them if you choose.

Lumping dissenters in with FOX News, though - that's a trick from the Rethug book. 
Thought you were above that.


Dave, we're talking about different things.

In 7 of the last 8 Parry columns, I've grabbed a few paragraphs that prove that Parry
has stooped to mind-reading because the facts won't help him.

There are two types of Dems who are against Hillary:  There's the group who just likes 
Obama better and then there's the group who'd rather climb a tree and tell stupid,

mind-reading lies than stay on the ground and tell the truth.

If you're in the first group, I apologize.

On the other hand, you opened the conversation by calling me a pussy, and you're 
surprised I fought back?  Then you accused me of "weak ass punk shit" and I was

supposed to roll over and apologize like a senate Democrat?

Isn't that why you contributed in the first place?
Because I'm one of the few who fight back?

And did you skip over the Palast argument?
It's OK is someone doesn't like Hillary or even hates her, which Palast does, 

Palast is capable of writing 2-3 columns in a row without reading Hillary's mind and 
attacker her for Parry's perceived thoughts. That's a big difference, and that's why 
Parry is taking some heat.

Last thing - I lumped you with those bad guys ONLY IF
you like the "new" Bob Parry, the Hillary-hating mind-reader. 

Try to remain calm.
On Feb 6th, this should all be over,

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