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Subject: re: Snowden rejoinder

My point is that I think you’re mistaking the forest for the trees.  The deed is done. 
The bell cannot be un-rung.  For better or ill, Snowden is part of world history now,
and whether he finds asylum or dies trying cannot change that.  Is in fact beside the point,
making allowances for natural human empathy.

Our attention should be focused laser-like on this: We were led to believe that Total Information
Awareness had been killed in its crib during the Bush administration, but Snowden’s selfless action
has provided us with irrefutable proof that was a lie.  So now we know that a means has been created
to identify malcontents, pretty much all malcontents, everywhere, putting the Stasi to shame. 

We know that an infrastructure has been created to deal as necessary with “unrest” caused by
people attempting to exercise their constitutional rights, or maybe just trying to scare up a scrap of bread. 
See: creation of NORTHCOM; militarization of police departments; implementation of fusion centers;
FAA actions to integrate drones into U.S. airspace, etc., etc.

Many people see these developments as very serious threats to our liberty. 
What can we/are we going to do about it?  I don’t know yet. 
But far greater minds than mine are on the case, and I plan to be paying close attention. 
In sum, I think it’s a head in the sand position to say, as you did (quoted below):

Dave: Answer me one simple question, please: 
Would you REALLY rather not know what Snowden revealed? 

Bart: It doesn't make much difference.
My life is exactly the same as it was before Snowden turned criminal.

Don’t kid yourself, you are a public figure. Your life could change in an instant if the cards
fell the wrong way… And don’t you think it’s just as premature for you to pronounce Snowden
a criminal, as it might be for me to nominate him for Mt. Rushmore?  Washington and Jefferson
were denounced as traitors and criminals, but they made the cut.

Dave from Delaware

I'm floored that you'd use Snowden's name in the same breath as Washington and Jefferson.
You obviously like the guy (selfless?) but for your sake, I hope he turns out to be a good guy.

BTW, all that tracking software is here and it's not going anywhere. Seems the best you could
hope for is to push for legislation that guarantees jail time for those who abuse that software.


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