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Subject: Dave's views on Dr. Judy Wood's 9-11 research
Dear Bart:

Dave is entitled to his uninformed opinion, but the evidence does not back him up.  
Is he a $ contributor, or does he only show up to mislead on conspiracy theories?

Maybe it would be better if you attacked his words instead of him, personally.
Of all the 9-11 researchers, Dr. Wood is the subject of the most vicious personal attacks. 
I use these kinds of attacks to see who poses the biggest threat to the real conspirators.

It also shows the true colors of disinformation agents planted deep within the 9-11 research community.
Dr. Wood does not use fallacies, straw man arguments, ad-hominem attacks and unsupported claims to
promote any theory.  She shows the evidence and the science, and neither Randi or Dave have show
or even argued anything to disprove her claims.

I pose one simple challenge to both, and anyone else.

Explain how a passenger jet can fly through steel and concrete with virtually no loss
of momentum, and make sure your answer is consistent with the laws of physics.

Until they answer that, you should consider them unreliable sources.
Warm regards,
  Jim W



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