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I don't know where to begin. 
There is just so much wrong in your rant. 
From just blatant lies to uneducated idiocy.

I'm sure you'll be able to back that up,
like the hundreds of others who've tried since 1996.

We did not try to destroy Clinton, Clinton destroyed Clinton.

I hadn't heard that he'd been destroyed.
There's nothing on CNN about it.

Clinton left office with a higher approval rating than Reagan, 
Bush the Smarter and Bush the Idiot.

We have not made the populace stupid. 
The government in partnership with the NEA made the populace stupid.

Ignorance makes Republicans stupid and they're proud of it.

When Sarah Palin couldn't name a paper or magazine that she'd read Ditto Monkeys 
fell even more in love with her. You guys reward stupidity and that's how you got Bush, 
Clarence Thomas, George Will, Fred Barnes, Dan Quayle, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin etc.

You are so stupid that you think human beings developed from apes. 

ha ha
Yeah, me and science are so stupid.

When there is no proof at all, even though the liberals keep trying to find it, and every time they find a 
monkey bone that suffered from Cerebral Palsy or some other debilitating disease, they call it the missing link. 

Dude, you're proving my point.
Your side is PROUD to reject science so you can embrace 8th century religious superstition.
Hating science is the same as hating the facts.

Tell me you don't have kids...

OMG you are such an idiot. 
No wonder idiots like Obama get into office, they get voted in by idiots like you.

I agree that voters are super-stupid.  You'll get no argument from me.
Christ, they re-elected Bush even after they knew he was a clueless fuck-up.

OMG you think the government can do something right. You are so stupid because of government. 

Stupid as in we went to the moon and back just 8 years after JFK decided?
Under Bush, we couldn't even rebuild the WTC in 8 years

The current financial crisis is a direct cause of the liberals in office forcing the lending organizations 
to make mortgages to unqualified recipients. 

That's what I would argue if I ran my company into bankruptcy. What's a crooked GOP banker 
going to say, "I got greedy and I got caught and I deserve to be punished?"

The auto industry in is such bad shape because the liberals in government have let their buddies in the 
unions gain so much control over the auto dealers that the auto dealers go broke trying to pay the union members.

Did you know Detriot spends more on health care per car than they do on steel?
Japan doesn't have for-profit health care, so they can build their cars cheaper.

Maybe if your side would let us fix health care, Detroit could compete again.

OMG you think The New Deal worked. The regulations that made the banks lend $ to unworthy individuals 
is a direct result of the New Deal. The New Deal extended the Great Depression, not ended it. 
The Great Depression was ended by the industrial revolution created by WWII.

OMG you are soooo stupid.
You think they invented The Cotton Gin and giant aircraft carriers at the same time?

LOL, you are one ignorant Monkey!!
George Washington was alive in the industrial revolution, not FDR.

The industrial revolution happened 40-80 years before WWII. 
but you wouldn't know that because you listen to Glenn Beck. (Not a compliment) 

Yes, I think the New Deal worked. 
Hoover was a "everything will be OK if we do nothing" kind of guy.
Thank Koresh FDR came along and reversed the Hoover Error. 
FDR's banking system worked great until the Bush bastards robbed them all.

OMG, you think that what Teddy Kennedy did to Mary Jo Kopechne comes close to what Laura Bush did to Mike Douglas? 
Laura Bush was not drunk and the accident was not her fault and she did not run away in fear that her career would be hurt. 

Kopechne and Pickles's victim are both dead.
Neither were tested for alcohol after their accidents.

Funny, you defend one and attack the other.
I wasn't there, so I don't have a strong opinion.

OMG you think that higher taxes create more federal revenue. 
When it has been proven over and over again that just the opposite is true. 

You are a Monkey.
Did you know bananas are extremely high in potassium yet low in salt, 
making it the perfect food to beat high blood pressure and strokes. 
If you have a bananas in the house, I suggest you eat it.

Clinton raise taxes on the super-rich and America was never healthier.
Then Bush gave trillions to the super-rich and look what happened.

Clinton gave us 8 years of peace and prosperity and he never sent
a man into battle who didn't come back home to his familty.
Don't you wish Bush could say the same?

                                                                     Each block is 400 dead American soldiers under Bush.


Don't you feel stupid now?

You are blinded by something. I don't know what. 

Science and logic are the most likely culprits.

It can't be just your inept government education, which is then supported by inept liberal college education. 

Watch it buddy - I was educated by Catholic nuns who were into waterboarding.

You are blinded by envy, or hate or maybe you just feel inadequate and you are trying to make up for it.

Yeah, I wish Clinton had been as "successful" and those Bush bastards.

Clinton took us from 3500 to 12000.
W Bush took us from 12000 to 6500.

Clinton took us from deficits to surpluses.
W Bush took us from surpluses back to deficits
and then he butt-fucked our economy.

Clinton created 24 million jobs in 8 years.
W Bush took us from 24M to negative jobs.

You can pretend your guy did better, but the facts are calling you a liar.

OMG you are so stupid, you think that using curse words make your point.

You're ugly.

I have other things to do today like go make some evil money.
 David M Davenport

For someone who has other things to do, you're  a long-winded Monkey.
But that's OK, my Size 11 boot was hoping some Monkey ass would come along.

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