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Subject: Israel

The primary strategic blunder of BushCo and their Neo-Con henchmen in dealing with the threat of terrorism 
was in relying on the archaic and obsolete paradigms of the past which were mainly based on our military supremacy. 
This blunder is even more unforgivable in the post Viet-Nam era when that lesson should have, at least, been the one 
dividends we got from the loss of 58,000 military personnel for naught.

...with you so far...

We are doomed to failure as long as Neo-Con Maniacs and Incompetents continue to pursue their failed 
pipe dream fantasies in Mess-O-Potamia. We have to spend $10 million dollars countering asymmetric threats 
that only cost our adversaries a few thousand, if that. A ten year old could easily figure it out.

I fancy myself as a poker player, and betting $10M to fight $10,000 is a bad bet.

Al Qaeda's mission is simple and elegant: Bankrupt us and bleed our morale dry. And Bush-Cheney 
have been the main proponents, enablers and dupes of those consequences. This is easily observable 
by tallying the mileage Al Qaeda has gotten from 911. How much did that mission cost them? 
Look what it's cost us. And it could get a whole lot worse.

Again, that looks like solid thinking, playing the odds, doing the math.

The solution to the phenomena of modern terror warfare with the Muslim World can only be 
political in nature.  A good first step would be to reign in Israel. Once that happens, hostilities 
and grievances festering for over 50 years can begin, at long last, to be resolved and healed as 
the victims of Zionist Apartheid are justly compensated and restored to their ancestral homelands. 
This will ameliorate an essential source of resentment and hatred which serves as the casus belli 
for Bin Laden's Islamic Jihad.

Uh-Oh, I should've seen this coming.
How many years in this business does my brain need before I can see it coming?

Dude, I like a fight as much as anybody, but you're stuck in a fight you can't win.
You gotta smoke 200M Arabs to have a chance to win, and what kind of victory is that?

Take it from Ol' Bart - screw that sand.
Move to Oklahoma and forget 4,000 years of revenge.

That begs the obvious question: Knowing what we do about Racist Zionist Supremacists 
and their crazed cadre of fanatical Evangelical Fundies in the US, what chance is there 
of reason, reality and justice ever seeping into the equation? Right... 

So, can I interest anybody in some nice, remote property in Argentina?
 David C

Dave, you had me at "crazed cadre," but as someone who refuses to buy the fairy tales 
of some Invisible Cloud Being's "sacred sand," all I can see is both sides are religiously insane. 

Neither side wants peace - they'd rather win.
God wants them to fight and die, so they will.

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