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Subject: NYT story on McCain

I said from the moment this story broke that it was an exercise in reverse psychology.
The NYT has known the general outlines of the story for months and has actually 
negotiated with officials and agents of the McCain campaign about the 'publication date, 
and the general gist of the 'story'.
Doesn't it stand to reason that the NYT endorsed McCain (because the NYT is one 
of those 'fake' 'librul' MSM symbols) because, like every newspaper with AIPAC 
connenctions, they feel that McCain is the most-llkely candidate to continue the Bush II policies in Iraq.
In order to give the 'ultra-conservatives' (Limbaugh, et al.) as graceful a way as possible 
to recant fom their savaging McClain and re-uniting the GOP base behind McCain, 
the NYT dreamed up the idea of appearing to be 'smearing' Sen. McCain..
It worked exactly as planned...All the nit-wit doped-up screamers like Limbaugh 
turned on a dime and devoted their invectives against that mean, librul ol' NYT.
Think about it for just a moment...For the NYT, whatever fake personna it has developed, 
to endorse McCain and then engage in revealing ANYTHING that would be really 
damaging is dumb.  They carefully crafted this phony scandal to excite the right-wing 
to defend him against unfounded stories of sexual dalliance.
It might just backfire on them, though.
 C. Davie

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