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Subject: Beck, the National Archives and my trip to DC  

Bart, I went to the National Archives on Labor Day Weekend, a week after that nutjob Glen Beck was allegedly there. 
I'd already read how his claim to have held the Washington inaugural address had been debunked, so that's no biggie. 

But Bart, for a person with true feelings for his country (not like that Beck con artist), it was a moving experience. 
You can't take photos of the documents in the Archive Rotunda, but I saw the Declaration of Independence,
the U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights, as well as the Articles of Confederation, Magna Carta, and other
documents of great historic import. 

I also toured the Capitol and the Library of Congress, saw the Supreme Court building and many other buildings,
including the Women in the Military Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, and spent five hours in the
Smithsonian American History Museum.  Mrs DBK and I really packed the weekend with places of interest.

I've attached a few photos for your enjoyment.  They are:

The White House

The Capitol

The FIRST Washington Monument

The Women in the Military Memorial


Dean, nice pictures - thanks.

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