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Subject: I am disappointed with you


I am very disappointed with you.  No, I'm not cancelling my support.  
But, while you're moaning about Parry and Kos and Huffington, 
the Tequila Treehouse has taken its eye off the ball.

I'm not sure pointing out that at least 95% of the bloggers and perhaps 95% 
of the media are pro-Obama and anti-Hillary is considered "moaning."  

You are whining like a little girl about wanting the Democrats to hurry up and pick a candidate.  
Give me a break!  I thought  stood for a smart-mouth and the truth?  
So why aren't you saying what needs to be said?

Yes, I want a candidate picked - who doesn't?
And, sometimes people want to hear the truth ...and sometimes they don't.

I said what needed to be said and I've paid a price for saying it.
If  "things were different," I'd be free to fight like a mad dog,
but my battery is running down and I'm short on time.

As far as I know, I called for a truce FIRST and I called for it LOUDEST,
but I guess you say I've failed to say it often enough or in tall-enough type,

Let's continue...

Americans, and Democrats in particular, aren't tired of these two Presidential candidates.  
The Democrats are registering thousands of new voters, people are turning out in record 
numbers to vote in the primaries - America cannot get enough of these two.  

That's certainly one interpretation.
Another is this country is so fucking sick of Bush, people want to see the bastard gone.
That would explain the millions of new voters of all ages registering and voting.

The problem is that these two are mired in a terribly childish and unproductive campaign.  

Or, the problem is these two are 2 points apart and neither can win without FL and MI.
I don't mean to be such a contrarian, but in this format, anything you say that I don't refute
will be considered "accepted" by me and only I can speak for me.

Instead of just wishing it all away you need to come out strong and call for a cease fire.   

You mean again - and with bolder type?
I guess that's a great compliment that you think I can demand something 
and the candidates will see that and call a meeting and discuss the idea.
Shit, at the last secret Hillary meeting, she hardly let me talk :)

I know that the Obama and Clinton camps are as entrenched as the Palestinians and Israelis 
but someone has to call them on this folly.  I don't really give a damn about what Obama's 
Pastor said and whether Bill Clinton is racist; I want to know how the candidate is going to 
beat McCain and drive the Republicans from power.  

Right - and we'll find out as soon as the civil war is over.
What can I, or we, do to make that happen?
I'm all in - I can't afford this.
This fight (that *I* didn't start) is creating enemies out of old friends. 

Everybody else is screaming "My candidate or nobody."
I just want a nominee so we can start kicking Fascist ass!

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of the 
neo-conservative movement and our candidates are behaving like children throwing sand 
at each other during recess.  Someone (maybe everyone) needs to shout - "cut this crap out".   
Surely  can see that?

Dude, I realize you've had no chance to respond since we started, 
but who called for a cease first first?   As far as I know, *I* did.
And who's called for a cease fire most often?    As far as I know, *I* have.

I'm getting killed financially.
Trust me - this war is costing me a LOT more than it's costing you.

I wish you'd been a little clearer about the action I've failed to take.

Bart, I'm pledging my vote to the first candidate that declares a unilateral cease-fire.  

Only the front-runner can call for a cease fire - you get that, right?
Hillary's got to fight - she's behind - she's the Palestinians this time.
The status quo won't do - she's got to shake things up.

I don't want the Hillary camp releasing anything about Obama and vice versa.  
I want to know who is going to beat McCain, how do they plan to do it, what are they going
to do their first 100 days in office, who is going to pay for our healthcare and how quickly 
they are going to bring our soldiers home.   

We should get those answers as soon as we have a nominee.

I am not sick of these candidates, just the way they are campaigning.  
I don't care if Barack and Hillary compete until Jan 19, 2009, let's just focus on who the real enemy is.

Quit whining for a quick end to your misery and stand up for what's right .
 Dennis in DC art,

I gotta ask again - what else can I do?
I can't call the candidates and tell them to knock it off.

You ask me to "stand up and do what's right."
As Ross Perot said, "I'm all ears."

If you have some good ideas, let those spring fourth.
EVERYONE wants this war to be over, but the trick is coming up with the idea.

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