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Subject: A Question About Clinton

Dear Bart,

I am an African-American who has NOT bought into the mainstream media's ploy to cut Senator Clinton 
off at her knees. The MSM has shamefully played the race card over and over again against her, and I am 
very saddened to realize that huge numbers in the African-American community appears to have fallen for 
the rotten bait. Maybe because I'm a native New Yorker (currently residing in Texas), and I am highly aware 
of the Senator's effectiveness in my beloved home state, that I knew right away I would cast my vote for her. 

I am definitely not an Obama detractor; I have great respect for him, and I don't have to hate one in order to 
prefer the other. I am simply a realist.  The Repugs are licking their chops, waiting for phase one of their 
election plan to be completed (that would be the moment that Obama wins the nomination).  It seems that the 
notion of republican infiltration into the democratic primaries is dismissed as just some crazy conspiracy theory; 
worst yet, many of us are not even aware of this dynamic (or choose not to be aware).  Those sewer rats say 
they would rather face Clinton, but I have learned by close observation that they say the exact opposite of 
what they mean.  

I truly do not understand how the voting public could be so gullible; can't we remember how Karl Rove 
manipulated the last election?  I do not base my choice on race or gender, but on common sense and the 
willingness to look at a person's record objectively.  That's it, no complicated rubric involved.  As for 
Obama supporters, I think it's great that people are passionate about his candidacy.  It's always good 
for society when we actually have viable choices to consider.  

What I DON'T think is great, is the hostility that many display to anyone who has not chosen to support him.  
I experienced this backlash myself, and felt quite hurt by it.  This has no resemblance to democratic ideals.  
Brains, not emotions will restore our country, and I fear that we are in grave danger of handing the White House 
to McCain in November if our emotions continue to rule us.  I deeply appreciate the concept of hope, working 
together, cooperation, etc. but they will never come to fruition if the Repugs aren't willing to behave fairly.  

Do we really think these thugs are going to change their evil ways because Obama asked them to? 
Don't think so; it's worked too well for them up 'til now.

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