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Subject: Survivors recount escape from bridge


Yes sir i think this is another blame Bush episode. 
I bet he had it blown up. 
Major cover-up would you say. 
I bet he pushed the button.

Dee, you're talking jibberish.
Nobody suggested Bush blew up the bridge. I said 

> Bush threw away between $1 trillion and $2 trillion on his Iraq debacle. 
> Think if we invested in America's infrastructure instead of Bush's hardon for oil... 
Why would you change my words to jibbersish and then mock them?
Is it because my words made sense and they caused you to panic?

Subject: bridge inspections

So if you want more government, are you prepared for them to tell you how much you can drive 
or better yet what doctor you can see and when you can see that doctor? 

You seem to be demanding the right to have fewer inspections on old bridges, am I right?
That's crazy - even for a Bush lover.
If your wife took that bridge to work would you still demand that freedom?

Doesn't sound like freedom to me, maybe socialism would be a better word.

You want the freedom to drive on falling bridges - I find that odd.
I can tell you listen to Rush and watch FOX News.

Subject: Forced religion in Texas

God forbid that we praise this report.

So, you're for falling bridges because it's a freedom issue,
but you want the government to tell you who to worship?

By the way, why aren't you in Iraq, helping Bush with the terrorists?

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