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Subject: defending Prof Chomsky... 

Dear Bartcop:
Noam Chomsky is NOT a holier-than-thou "liberal" who doesn't understand the people. 
In fact he isn't a liberal at all. (he's more of a "no-more-classes" socialist type, according to his wikipedia page).

I think anyone who felt bad about OBL dying would be considered a liberal by most people.

Chomsky has talked to a lot of 'Just us Folks' and those talks are easy to find, just type "Noam Chomsky"
in the search at or go to, where Amy Goodman has interviewed
him dozens of times,m either in a studio or at a forum occupied by "regular folks".
This is my main point. It is sad that most people don't understand Prof. Chomsky. 
Ever notice that he is NEVER on US TV, either on a liberal or conservative show??

Why is that?
Why can't he go on Big Eddie or Rachel?
Second of all - it is true that half of the country "wanted bin Ladin killed"?
I don't know and I doubt BttbB knows either.

I'd say it's closer to 80 percent and maybe 90 in New York.

Me? I'm on the fence with Usama's killing (There is no 'O' in Arabic, people!).
I believe that we can only attempt to promote freedom and democracy abroad if we practice it at home.
We are not practicing it when we take out public enemy number one.

I'd say this was a special occasion. When we were kids, whichever Catholic class gathered the
most newspaper (why?) would get to eat meat on Friday due to a "Special Dispensation." 
We can be a country of laws again - now that he's dead :)

 On the other hand I do agree with you Bart when you said (paraphrasing):
"Do we want to capture bin Laden and them have some of his crazy followers take over
a school and announce they will kill a kid an hour until Usama is released?"
I see merits to both arguments but I do think we can agree on one thing:
the ReThugs are screwed now that Obama took him out.
They have NO chance in 2012.
Keep swinging the hammer, Bart!
 Ed in NE Illinois

(PS - even if I don't agree with everything you say, I am a daily reader of the site)

Ed, thanks for that.



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