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Subject: Sold Out by Our Own Party


This is for me, the darkest day politically since the "election" of 2000.
Members of our own Democratic Party voted to give Bush his telecoms immunity. 
Rethugs have been celebrating all morning, why they even claim they got more than they wanted!

Meanwhile. the double-dealing Democrats try to spin this as some sort of bi-partisanship".
Don't believe it, it is not,, but it is a case of folding, capitulation, caving-in, all those things Dems 
do so well - and so often.  (Glenn Greenwald at is always up to date on the latest).

I spent alot of time online fighting this issue. 
There was one brief period when Dems did stand strong and we thought this could be one issue
 - one thing - where we win, and where Bush doesn't get his way.

I now believe Dems always planned on capitulating on this. 

I agree - why negotiate for a year and then cave in?
Why not cave in at the start and save the time?

I don't know what their reasons are but they have certainly proven contempt for 
their constituents, for the 4th amendment, and the rule of law. They have stood up and lied.  
Gee, who does that remind me of?

Plenty of bloggers were begging Obama to step up and say/do something but he has (of this writing)
stayed silent, (except for a previous statement saying he was against giving retroactive immunity).
There is no white knight. There is only the people themselves.

I really don't know where to go from here. I feel like I don't have a party. 
The actions of this Democratic party certainly don't represent my best interests. 
They represent the interests of George W Bush. That is abominable!
What an eye-opener.....I am sickened.
 Mary Lou Spriggs

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