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Subject:  Democrats and the art of compromise

There is one saying I never want to hear again from the Democratic Party: “Politics is the art of compromise”.
This is the cry of the hapless managerial class leadership that covers all their failures. When you question that
strategy, you get the lecture of how we “don’t understand how government works”.

To the credit of many Democrats, they are often the American dream, people who have worked hard to earn
an education and an upper-middle class living and they are proud of their education. So proud, that they must
display it at all times, which is why we get wordy phrases that don’t reach the lower class’ gut emotions.
They are a walking contradiction, because they do understand a thriving middle class is essential for our
Democracy, yet must behave as though they are above the middle class.

So we out think ourselves by half, being too cerebral when we are in a street fight, where instincts and
reactions matter. The managerial class also wants to protect their status and getting into a street brawl risks
their reputations and their toys. But that is exactly what is necessary against sociopathic bullies who either
are religiously insane, or believe that a tame underclass is the best way of society.

You agree to compromise when the other party is negotiating in good faith, so that once the deal is done
you have found common ground that everyone can live with and be done with it. The problem is the
Republicans are not operating in good faith and relentlessly pursue their agenda. Take Social Security
for example they will never quit attacking it. 

We compromised with Reagan in raised the retirement age to 68. Now there is talk of raising it to 71.
You think the Republicans will stop if we do change it to 71? No, they will ruthlessly come back and
demand that we compromise again, changing Social Security where we receive less benefits, until they
finally kill it altogether. At some point you have to say no, and force the issue and that time is now.

We know this, and this is where the  managerial class leadership is failing us. They don’t want the
inevitable show down of corporations and ruling class versus a thriving and knowledgeable middle class. 
It is risky and there will be political casualties. It also requires adjusting to the level of the opponent and
the managerial class of Democrats are incapable of adjusting. It is in their DNA to flaunt their education,
just as it is in the DNA of Republicans to need people to suffer so they can be happy.

I am afraid it is going to get worse before it gets better. Even if the economy gains under President Obama,
the structural faults of our economy and society will not have been repaired, we will ultimately have a
moment of truth and it will really hurt.  Corporations and the rich have too much of the resources and
believe it is their divine right to rule the country, and we must stop them. 

I will vote Democrat this election, but they will not be our problem solvers. The problem with our economy,
and thus our nation will be solved by the Union Class as it was in the 1940’s. The men and women who work
hard but know their humble beginnings, who are not threatened by someone else’s success and are willing to take
a punch and even lose their belongings in order to frighten the rich enough to give us a modest safety net. 

The answer is within the working class, and once again we will have to suffer and fight the rich to save America
which includes the well-meaning, but ineffective Democratic leadership who would compromise our future away.

It is up to us my brothers and sisters and here is what I say: Social Security, Health Care and breaking up
the Banks are non-negotiable.
Those are my terms. Compromise is not an option. Get angry people, get in
their faces and say, if you Teabaggers want to kill me because I want Medicare For All, then YOU WILL HAVE TO.
 Mr. Mustard

The Republicans have gotten so brave (Because they know the Dems will never fight for anything)
they're openly talking about killing Social Security and doing away with the IRS and the Dept of Education.

Is Harry Reid going to lose to a crazy radical that Reagan would shun?

One possible solution?  Convince Hillary to become a Republican.
Fighting Hillary is the ONLY battle our Democrats are willing to wage.

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