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Democrats - Use Your Heads

I read something lately about how we should all relax because the DNC is sending lawyers 
to swing states to argue before a court the day after the election about how we got screwed.
That's my Democrats - always thinking behind the curve.

If they had any brains (should I ever bother to finish this sentence?) they would
get ahead of the curve and assume what could go wrong, but noooooooo.

Howard Dean should have a squad of hundreds of volunteers to check on voting machines because 
you know we're going to hear stories about how the rich, Republican precincts had new machines that 
work great while the Democrat and Black areas will have broken machines, voting locations that are 
locked, voters showing up to discover they've been kicked off the rolls because of Rethug tampering, etc.

Do you think any Democrats have thought about what could go wrong?
Do you think any Democrats have thought ahead and gotten restraining orders 
to prevent the Rethugs from tampering with the voter lists and the voting machines?

Of course not - we're Democrats.
Thinking ahead is what winners do.

As you've read/heard 1,000 times, Democrats tend to step in the hole and 
break their leg instead of anticipating where the holes might be and avoiding them.

I've had to say it 1,000 times because the Democrats can't think.

Matter of fact, if I had more time, I could write the sad day-after stories right now.
You could go back and read day-after stories from 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006 and 
I guarantee we'll have those very same problems this time because we can't think.

We could still win, but it if do it won't be because of good planning.
It'll be in spite of the Democrats' best efforts to fuck everything up.

How did I get in a party of gutless wimps who can't think?

And since they can't think, why do they refuse to listen to those who do?

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