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Subject: Whoa Bart! Really?

Did you ever think that women want to be recognized
for their performance and talent, NOT their looks?

I'll bet you meant to ask a different question than that one.

Men enjoy the sight of a pretty girl.
If they didn't, you wouldn't exist, so how is that on me?

We are NOT objects for your amusement or pleasure.
Some of us actually have talents and gifts beyond breasts, tiny waists, and long hair.

That is such an odd thing to say.

Are we picking the next head surgeon for this hospital?
No, we're choosing which lady we'd like to hear sing sexy songs to us.
Has the DNC released a list of women we're allowed to daydream about?

Maybe these performers didn’t want their attire deflecting from their music.

That's certainly true in Shirley's case and that's why I brought it up.
She seems to think looking her best is somehow a betrayal to other women.
I find that puzzling but you disagree with me on that?

I know: must be a new concept for you. Obviously.

You have chosen to attack me personally.
I can disagree with your opinions without insulting you.

I’ve enjoyed reading you throughout the years, but I’m re-thinking that now.
This is so misogynistic---and typical of men today. Stop sexualizing US!!!!!

No, it's typical of men since time began.
Men are attracted to nice-looking women.
You see that as a character flaw all men have, I see it as human nature.

Very very disappointed in you.
 DemoLova in Minneapolis

No, you're not disappointed in me.
You're disappointed in the human condition.

Sometimes Shirley dresses like this,

and sometimes she dresses like this

If my preference is the former, you might have to quit reading a page you've enjoyed for years?

I find that puzzling.


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