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 Subject: demonizing Obama

So it has come to this...

Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin have repeatedly demonized Barack Obama 
during their stump speeches and commercials, used innuendo to intimate that Obama is an active
terrorist bent on destroying America and is clearly too dangerous to be president. They repeatedly 
whipped their supporters into an anti-Obama frenzy and then seemed genuinely shocked to hear 
some of their own supporters yelling "terrorist!" and "kill him!" when Obama's name was mentioned. 

Finally, a bit of sanity prevailed recently and Sen. McCain tried to calm his followers after a supporter 
repeated the very same McCain/Palin lies about Obama and William Ayers when asking a question. 
After correcting the questioner and assuring the crowd that Barak Obama was actually an honorable 
man Senator McCain was booed by his own supporters!

Most of the great religions of the world and social scientists alike realize that human beings are flawed 
creatures. We are all capable of doing great good and horrible evil. Christianity teaches that we are
born of sin and need to be saved. But it also teaches of the need for forgiveness. When we try to do 
our best but fall short this can be understood as part of our human nature. When we give into 
temptation and lie, cheat or steal, this is worse, but still understandable.

However, when we cynically manipulate other people by deliberately appealing to their darker nature 
in order to gain personally, this is a sin of a far greater magnitude. This is the sin of which Senator McCain
and Governor Palin are both guilty.

We cannot claim ignorance when it comes to this appeal to our darker nature. There are Biblical stories 
which warn of sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind. Secular literature, too, is rife with the same
admonitions. Even the Star Wars movies have at their very core the story of good and evil, sin and 
redemption, and the constant struggle within all of us to do good and reject evil.

This is why I am so disappointed by the recent behavior of Senator John McCain, a man I have 
previously held in high esteem. He deliberately sowed the wind and now, at the last minute, he realizes 
that he must attempt to reel in the whirlwind. I admire the fact that when he finally came face to face 
with the hatred he has kindled that he realized what he had done. I just hope that it is not too late to 
undo this whirlwind before someone gives in to their darker nature and acts out.

Stan A.
Durant, Oklahoma.


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