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Dems win a McCain district


John Boehner might want to revise that prediction about the GOP picking up 100 House seats this November. 
Here his party was, faced with a special election for a House seat in the only district in America to flip from 
John Kerry in 2004 to John McCain in 2008 -- and they came up short. Very short.

Democrat Mark Critz's winning margin over Republican Tim Burns for John Murtha's seat stood near double-digits
-- a sum made all the more impressive by pre-election predictions the spread would be razor-thin.

Yes, Republicans can and will claim that the result was skewed by Oh, they'll always have an excuse...

But the simple fact is that Pennsylvania's 12th is exactly the kind of district that Republicans are supposed to be 
winning in 2010. It is blue collar and culturally conservative and its voters -- many of whom undoubtedly recall 
Obama's infamous "guns and religion" line from the spring of 2008 -- have never had much use for Obama, or for 
"liberals" in Washington. (This is the kind of resentment that Republicans were seeking to harness when they aired 
an ad featuring a menacing, larger-than-life Nancy Pelosi last week.)

So, the Whore AP says the dems had a dreadful night,
but at least we can get some honesty from

The whore press - when they fall out of love, they attack - if it's a Democrat.
I don't remember them turning on Bush for Katrina or his Iraq Disaster.

Oh, that's right - the whore press is owned by Republicans.

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