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 Subject: Detroit cars

I got to pay a lot of money for a car.
Why should I buy a piece of crap that's not going to last just because the factory is in the U.S.?

Especially since I can buy a quality "import" that was also manufactured here in the U.S.,
and costs me less to buy, less to operate, less to maintain and less to insure.

Bottom line ...

The 1995 FORD Escort wagon I bought in 1998 was manufactured in Hermosillo, Mexico. Good car for the most part ...

The 1998 MAZDA I bought when I got back to the states in 2005 - to find I had a second blown engine in the Escort
- was manufactured in Flat Rock, Michigan.

Just 'cause it's got an American brand name don't mean it was made in the USA.

And yeah, Toyota et al only manufactures 40% of their vehicles in the U.S., but that's because they only SELL
40% of their vehicles in the U.S. That is, they manufacture here what they sell here; and vice versa.

Except for the stuff they manufacture in Canada and Mexico; like the U.S. manufacturers do.

Chrysler went bankrupt, and Glenn lost his job, because the "investors" stripped the assets
out of the company and left 'em producing crap cars.

Management didn't care for the customers, or the workers ... they only cared for their short term "profits".

If Glenn and his cohorts got a problem, they should take it up with the ones who screwed 'em,
and not come whining at me.
 John  S

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Subject: Detroit cars

You are so full of shit it's rolling out of your eyes.
 Chuck Newman

Chuck, since you said nothing, I'll have to guess what you meant to say:
Are you saying Detroit makes such a good product that it's no wonder why
they are swimming in profits and can't keep up with the huge demand?

Blaming me for Detroit's problems is part of Detroit's problem.

*I* recognize the fact that America has turned away from Detroit and that calls for personal insults?

"Fuck you" is not a good reason to buy an inferior car that won't last.

Remember the quote Bush loved to mangle?
"Fool me twice, shame on me."

Detroit fooled most people 5-8 times and they got fed up.
Japan gave them a better car at a better price and it starts every time.

Blame me for that if you must.

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Subject: Detroit cars

Well, when my wife bought her first 'pizza', a Nissan, I only felt moderate nausea.
When she dumped that for a Honda, I threw up.
Ever noticed how Japanese cars are designed for people 5'6" and under 100 lbs?

My Ford truck has 215,000+ happy miles on it and has been known to haul Toyotas out of ditches.
Oh, and the Honda? Dumped it for a Lincoln Town Car and couldn't be happier.
-- lonestar

I'm glad you had a positive experience with Detroit.

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Subject: Detroit cars

Bart, I bought only American cars for many years:  Ford, Chrysler and GM. 
In every case something major would go wrong or fail not long after the purchase. 

Eventually, my wife suggested buying a Honda Accord (manufactured in Marysville, Ohio). 
It was a smart move.  No problems for tens of thousands of miles. 
Quality is the issue for me and American autos fell short. 
(I understand that Consumer Reports has recently rated Ford products almost on par with imports.) 

I grew tired of wasting my money and subsidizing substandard products by “buying American”. 
Detroit never got it and it took bankruptcies and plant closings to wake it up.  The status quo was happy at the time: 
CEO pay was astronomical and labor wages and benefits were generous and secure. 
But they were insulated from the real world and it finally caught up with them. 
 Pat VB 

I forget the numbers but I think I remember reading that Toyota's CEO makes 20 times 
more money than the assembly line worker.  But in America, it's like 2,000 times more.

The greedy Republicans at the top ruined things for everybody.

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Subject: Detroit cars

Man,  I don't understand where all this bashing American autos is coming from.
I bought a used 1996 Chevy half ton pickup in 2001. In fact I picked it up the week that the WTC got hit.
It had about 40k miles, and since then I have added at least that many more, and I'll tell you something...I USE my truck!
I literally run the balls off of it (vortec v6)  and have only had to replace the waterpump, which I did myself in about 45 mins.
Liked it so well that I bought a GMC last year and we love it   I'm 62 years old and have owned vehichles made by all the
Big 3 at one time or other, some good, some not so hot,  but I've always had good luck with GM products.
 Farmer Larry in Ohio

Larry, something is making people afraid to buy cars from Detroit.

What else could it be but dissatisfaction with their products?

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Subject: Detroit cars

I reluctantly have a problem with your, yes your, reasoning about Detroit autos.
I think we can agree public option healthcare is not the best economic deal in the short term 
(long term, I think it'll pay...big time), but a reason to have it is because it is the right thing to do.

Compassion, fairness, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Buying Detroit is in the same vein.

Short term, possibly not the wisest move, but in the long run, we will be giving the auto industry 
time to put competitive models in our driveways...witness Chevy producing the Volt for next year
...and that shitty little car they have now that everybody loves (can't remember the name).

So, even though your appraisal of the situation is correct, we need to do it for the greater good...
our economy, union buddies, truth, justice and the American way.

Face it, we don't got no manufacturing, we don't got no middle class...and we don't got no recovery. 
We'll just have overlords and underfeets...which will we be?

Sooooo, "Buy American" is jingoistic and a phrase that strikes joy into the Chamber of Commerce,
but it beats "Forclose America."

Keep swinging Bartbuddy...but not at American cars.
Wayne, Dayton

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Subject: Detroit cars

To keep the Mexican in Mexico – Buy American cars!! 
Just Kiddin’…sort of. 

I own two – a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire with 101k and a 2006 Malibu. 
Never a problem with the SF, till about 500 miles ago it started leaking from the front seal…somewhere. 
It’s about a 10 mile round trip to work, so when I’m not riding my bicycle, I take that and I’ll get YEARS out of it yet. 

Bought it with 39k on it 5 years ago.  Nothing happening with the Malibu…40k and still rolling strong. 
But buying those two cars…that’s gotta have helped like, what, 10 Mexicans stay in Mexico? 
I’m just sayin’. 

You want a solution to Americans immigration problem, BUY AMERICAN!! LOL!
 Dennis in Portland, OR

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