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Bigotry is not dead
 by TheDieHard

I'm going to clue you white males in on something you've never really experienced,
even those of you who have been in combat, or been in a "minority" partnership:
I am a blue-eyed blonde with a Florida tan, 34-24-34, no shortage of male interest even after
the occasional explosions took my eyebrows and a few layers of skin.  (Chem lab, bomb disposal,
and rocket propellants.  Don't ask.)
With five decades plus and two engineering degrees behind me, launches and awards and lives saved
out the ying-yang, I AM STILL TREATED LIKE A "GIRL" in un-informed mixed company.
"Why don't you go help the women clean up while we men retire to the smoking room with brandy?"
 I could not make this up.
Barack Hussein Obama is walking on eggshells.  Unlimited money and uncensored bigotry is aimed at him. 
For krissake, they got Alan Grayson!  (Though I think maybe Alan decided that he could swing a bigger bat
off the floor anyway.  I hope so.)  The hour does not go by when he is not reminded that he is not one of
the "good old boys."
Sure, I'd love to see the Black Guy turn to the camera and say, "You know what, Boehn-head and Cornyn-hole? 
Go fuck each other and exchange STDs.  And die slowly.  I'm rewriting the health care bill to exclude coverage
for congressholes who suck each other's orifices."
Hell, I'd do it in a Miami second.  But I'm not the leader of the free world whose buck stops at my blackberry.
OBAMA GOT ELECTED PRESIDENT!  Five years ago, would ANY of you have bet a DIME on that?!?
We can write all the scholarly gripes we care to, and I have written dozens myself.  Keeping the bushiosi
tax handouts for the wealthy, Great Goddess Bridget, did someone threaten the girls' dog?  But we CAN'T
blame him for not being all the superheroes in all the universes rolled up into one.  (Charles Xavier would
throw himself off a cliff in his wheelchair before reading Newt's "mind.")
Obama has not surrendered.  He has not caved.  He is fighting an almost-impossible battle, step by step,
against overwhelming odds, and look at what he's WON.
Who were the weenie-asses who didn't bother to even go vote in the mid-terms?  The DEMOCRATS. 
Turn your "Worst Ever" whining on your own lazy wimp neighbors, and on yourself if you didn't go
door-to-door getting people off their butts a month before the primaries.
You cannot win a fight if you don't have people at your back, not even in World Wide Wrestling. 
If we don't "man up" around Obama, we're conceding the whole field to the stupid, the nutcases,
the big money bad guys and their slimy propaganda.
"Oh, YOUR president didn't succeed at this, and cost you THAT.  Now, OUR boy,
all he wants is to turn you into Stepford Wives, and you'll be SO much happier...."
Hell yes, I'm pissed that Barack hasn't taken a horsewhip to Fux, and the FCC for letting them spew. 
BHO said it best himself.  "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.
We are the ones we've been waiting for. WE are the change that we seek. "

Go be one of the "WE," and quit whining about the "they".
President Obama (and after eight years of chickenshit George, that is honeysuckle vinewater to be
able to say), this short scrawny old woman is going to shake a finger to your face, but me and my pen
and sword have got your back.



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