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Subject: birds falling from the sky

<>I smell a cover-up, and a panicky one at that.
"Their stomachs were empty, so that rules out poison.  They were startled by something.  Maybe it was weather."
Dude.  Despite the massive vote rigging, and billions of dollars, and huge amount of free publicity,
Palin still lost, which proves that at least three-quarters of the population is not THAT fucking stupid.
The chemical weapons plant is the prime suspect.  Even a small release of a gaseous toxin will kill something
with a bird's fast metabolism pretty quickly.  But there are several delay-acting poisons that they could have fed
on hours previously, that only hit their blood and nerve centers after the food was digested.  Again, it doesn't
take long for a flying bird to go through food.

I'm with you, but I have a slight disagreement:
It's impossible for those birds to have eaten poison
and then fall to the ground at the same time.
"They died of blunt trauma!"  You dumbshit, THEY FELL OUT OF THE SKY. 
Of COURSE there was "blunt trauma."  But "blunt trauma" IS NOT WHAT CAUSES

What utter horseshit.  Cheese on pizza, a fighter jet can slam past a flock of birds at mach two,
and all it does is tumble them around.  They DON'T get disoriented and need LIGHTS to tell them
up from down, for shitsake.  They're BIRDS.  They don't need a goddamn heads-up display, YA KNOW?
STARTLED?!?  Here in the lightning capitol of the planet, where hurricanes are mostly for entertainment value
and rockets explode on a regular basis, where the wildlife refuge is winter-over to a couple of trillion birds,
where millions of starlings nest on the launch pads, and Great Blue Herons wait at bus stops, where microbursts
are so common that Orlando, rather than New York or LA or Chicago, was the test center for the first ASR,
you will occasionally see a dead bird.  More often you will see buzzards feasting on road kill and sea gulls riding
the wind currents from cars on the highway.  Once I saw my cat slash a hawk that was trying to grab a chicken.
Not in recorded history has anyone here seen five thousand birds drop from the sky at once.
But then, although we have a history of letting rotten politicians get installed ever since Lawton Chiles,
we're a LITTLE more careful with our military poisons.

I agree with so much of what you said.
My first thought was Bhopol.

"They" say there were no toxins involved, but who are "they?"
The government, which is probably involved.

I wish our government and our whore media would take this catastrophe more seriously.

I saw a headline, Dropping bee population threatens world food supply,
but of course, something that trivial belongs on Page 23, if at all.

Clearly, we have environmental problems here.
The Gulf spill, dying birds, dying bees, dying crops, etc.

Oh well, once we poison Earrth, we can always colonize Krypton or some other planet.


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