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Subject: a reshaped jaw and a lot of makeup

It obviously has a LOT of money, so I doubt that "human rights" has anything to do with it. 
And no, it is NOT a "full-fledged woman."  It's an it, with fake boobs, a reshaped jaw, and a LOT of makeup.

Whoa! (Sopranos style)

You're calling that person an "it?"
Who are you to pass judgement on people?
That was a low blow and you are guilty of it.

I could not personally care less about some frackng beauty contest, but that's still a guy. 

Yet you care enough to get worked up over it?

Look at the arms.  And look at the DNA, if anyone will release it.

Why are you so angry about this maybe-found-happiness woman?

What if that was YOU with the problem, instead of her?
Why climb a tree and be a dick when you can stay on the ground and be cool?

Why not, instead, thank the non-existent Invisible Cloud Being
for making your life so much less dramtic than Jenna's?

If I had that kind of money, I could be on stage too, even at my age. 
Hell, so could my hermaphrodite cat.

Dude, I've known you for what, a decade?  More?

Why you talking so stupid?

The last thing people with gender confusion need is hate from Democrats.

Write and tell me you were temporarily drunk, and we'll drop this.
Write and tell me you stand behind your words and I'll have to kick your ass.


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