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<>Subject: I take issue with you running those anti-Obama toons



I TOLD you.  WE let them do this to Clinton -- we thought that once he was in office, the game was won. 
But a man with ten plates in the air can't play ball one-against-ten-teams at the same time.
Obama inherited an even worse disaster than Clinton, and his win alone was against all odds. 
If WE start attacking him, WE'RE SIDING WITH FAUX.
Remember when Obama's people said Faux wasn't really a news organization? 
Of COURSE they screamed like stuck pigs.  Where was the outpouring of OUR letters
-- to mainstream media, not blogs preaching to the choir -- supporting him?
It doesn't matter if your letter gets printed -- what publishers count, in deciding
which side to slant towards, is which side is more popular.
We lost a congressional seat because we figured it was a forgone conclusion
and stayed home puttering instead of getting out and stumping.
Yes, it was stupid to believe anything from Brite-fart. 
But when was the last time you wrote a letter to the editor, or to a local news station,
laying our side of the story in short words and sentences?
Most voters don't read blogs.  They read USA Today and the weekly freebies.
Media Matters is a good source of information.  But contact Faux or the Moonie Times
and demand that they tell the truth?  PUH.  LEEZE.  You may as well demand that all
the oil companies donate all their executives' salaries to clean up all the disasters they've caused.
And Hillary is just as bad on the appeasement-to-the-enemy front as Barack. 
Worse, when she goes on the attack, she attacks the wrong people -- the undecideds, the not-quite-as-stupid-as-teabaggers.
Cant our message say:  Yes, it was a mistake to believe anything from Brite-fart,
especially after his role in the utterly phony ACORN video was revealed.  President Obama
should direct the FCC and the IRS to investigate these hate-mongers, and the money behind them. 
Reinstate full funding for ACORN, and raise taxes on those who profit from nothing useful.
Believe no one who claims that they can "create jobs." 
Unless they have specific jobs in mind, they're just protecting their own offshore bank accounts.
And any politician who claims that we need to "cut the budget"
is more than welcome to -- starting with cutting their own salaries in half.

<> The Diehard

When Obama hits a triple, I write, "Obama hits a triple."
When he strikes out, should I also say, "He hits a triple?"

He keeps making the same mistakes over and over again and he's either
reluctant or afraid to use the bully pulpit because, presumeable, it's not nice.

Someone needs to explain to Obama that:
A. People lie - all the time.
B. The Republicans will never respect you no matter what you do.
C. You're the president, godammit - ACT like it.

I'm not attacking him - I'm trying to shake him awake.

The next time Glenn Beck makes a demand, I'd like for Obama to say, "To hell with Fox News,"
instead of follwing Beck's orders.


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