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Re: AGAIN!!! W...T...F... IS WRONG WITH OBAMA???!!!  

Hello, halfwits?  Old ex-CIA Bush-buddy Ray is ONE OF HERR ROVE'S OPERATIVES,
and YOU easily-brainwashed dorks fell for his propaganda like Jim Jones' followers for koolaid.
"Bungling pretty much everything."  Yeah, right, like YOU have a phaser cannon and can just go
turn a teabagger party into component molecules even if it does add to global climate disaster. 
Go ahead, be my guest, and go personally whack a beckapale instead of sitting in front of your
wide-screen monitor, whining to the choir.
Did any of you even read to the fucking end?  Ray McGovern works for the publishing arm
of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour.
Did any of you even read the second paragraph? Obviously not.
Consortium should be removed from all progressive blogs and lists, and receive zero further donations ever,
for being so drunk and lazy as to allow crap like this to slip through.  And Bart needs to lay off the tequila, too. 
Obviously Bart has forgotten HIS OWN RANTS about liberals stabbing Clinton in the back exactly like this,
or sitting on your asses and letting it happen.
You stupid shits, do you not realize that EVERY SEAT IN THE HOUSE IS UP FOR GRABS 
IN  TWO  MONTHS?  Or how much money the Murdoch / Oil / Koch teabagger billionaires are 
DESPERATELY throwing at these "unimportant" midterm selections, with MAKING THE  BUSH
Get OFF the cotton candy for one minute and think beyond your next trip to the bathroom.
Hell yes, I want our people back from Iraq and Afghanistan.  I want our families back from Korea
and Viet Nam and Bahrain and Japan, too, except as tourists or if they like living there.  I'd like to put
boots on the ground in New Orleans.  And the California canyons.  And probably Hawaii, the way
the Pacific current is acting.
Hell yes, I'd like a job that paid more than minimum wage.  So would my boss, for that matter. 
And don't tell people with advanced degrees in engineering to "just go back to school."
President Obama is NOT to blame for what everyone from "Greed is Good" Raygun to "Who gives a goddamn
what you think?" Chickenshit stole, fucked up, or ignored.  Great Goddess Bridget, it's not enough that the man
managed, against all odds and obstructionism and seriously heavily-funded opposition, to singlehandedly force one
of the biggest scam industries on the planet to quit charging you ten grand a year and then dropping your coverage
because you had a cold when you were five?
If you want jobs, if you want to quit laying off teachers to pay for tax handouts for billionaires, then get your
damn asses down to the campaign storefronts of the candidates of your choice, grab a handful of handouts and
stickers, and get a move on.  Get off the damn blogs and write to the papers and Tv  and radio stations. 
"So-and-so is lying.  The bushdick court said that it was okay to lie.  But every attack ad that you hear / see / read is a LIE."
If you expected Obama to be Jesus and Kal-El wrapped up in one, guess what.  He's a HUMAN BEING, capiche?
You want fucking jobs?  Then  GO  GET  ONE. 
There's no shortage of jobs, if you're not too proud to change bed pans.
But if you ever want the prosperity of the Clinton years back, then  QUIT ATTACKING OBAMA, YOU ASSWIPE BIGOTS.
You stupid shits only buy into the beckapalin bullshit because they spend a thousand dollars a day on makeup. 
Politics dressed up with Playboy.  What jobs have THEY created, except for the touch-up artists?
President Obama is indeed focused on all eleven million eight hundred thousand sixty two issues that concern
every living thing on this planet, from stray nuclear weapons (thanks to Dickless Cheney) to adopt-a-shelter-pet-day.
What have YOU whiny "Obama hasn't done anything about the weeds in my neighbor's yard!"
turncoat losers done for YOURSELVES?

    What Obama Won't Say Tonight
    Analysis from

    Why is our president so dumb and blind, politically?

    NOBODY wants to hear a speech about Bush's bloody wars.
    People don't care about the wars right now - they want f-ing JOBS!

    What happened to the Obama we knew from 2008?
    Why is he bungling pretty much everything?
    Why can't he focus on the issues the nation is focused on?

    He desperately needs a new staff and he needs them 15 months ago.

DieHard, you seem to think you've cornered the market on rational thoughts.
All those words you wrote - did you say anything?

Because you did a poor job of expressing your thoughts, I have to guess where you are:
Are you saying Obama and his staff are doing a great job?
Are you saying Obama's staff is serving him well?
Do you know of anyone else in America who agrees with you?

I really doubt that my tequila consumption is the root of Obama's problems
and if one of us is guilty of writing while drunk, I'll bet it's you.

Did you really accuse me of blaming every problem of the last 50 years on Obama?

And what does this crap mean?
Get OFF the cotton candy for one minute and think beyond your next trip to the bathroom.

Who would write that shit sober?

You also wrote:
Obama is indeed focused on all eleven million eight hundred thousand sixty two issues...

I say that's part of his problem - he needs to focus on ONE issue - jobs.
Jesus, I watched the news last night and now Obama's trying to fix the Middle East.
Voters want to see him working on JOBS and nothing else.

Every day, Obama should be going to factories and meeting with small business people
to try to give the voters the impression that the only thing on his mind is jobs, jobs, jobs.

Obama is down in popularity about 24 points.
By election day, he could be down 30 points and you think he's doing a great job?.

I say he needs new advisors - and he needs them in July of 2009.

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