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Subject: Screw the 9-11 Anniversary
I could not possibly give less of a rat's carcass about the "tenth anniversary of 9-11-01." 
Talk about a bunch of sales pitches.  "Come getcher piece a' the Twin Towers!"
The only thing we want, AND NEED, are the complete, open, honest reports of how a handful of the
Bush family's old oil-friend Saudis, trained in a private airfield in Governor Jeb Bush's Florida, under
George Herbert Walker Bush's CIA supervision, managed to take over airplanes with box-cutters that
a third-grader could have spotted, by being allowed to bypass old normal average Cuba-hijacker security....
Why George Dumbya continued to read a second grade book, and reacted to the news as if nothing
had happened -- or as if he had expected it? -- while Dick Cheney headed for his hideout before anything
happened, while fighter-interceptors who were already hot on the runway were ordered to stand down....
And why the whole Bush family, and most of the Cheneys, have not been sentenced to life in prison,
if not executed, for aiding, abetting, and funding the Saudi Taliban, so that Chicken George, who was
never even actually legally elected in the first place, but installed by force and treason so that he could
have all the documents of his daddy's crimes immediate shredded and burned, could crow "I won the trifecta!"
while using the Constitution as toilet paper.
And why, after the most expensive, longest war in history, where Bush&Cheney friends were awarded
far-overpriced, completely illegal, "no-bid" contracts, which they mostly failed to deliver, and hundreds
of billions of dollars simply written off as "lost"....
We are "honoring" the dead BY CREATING MORE OF THEM.
That Chicken George ordered the planes carrying the bodies of the fallen to be brought in under cover
of darkness, with no media allowed, tells you all you need to know about HIS disaster.
Screw the billion-dollar waterfalls, and the billion-dollar makeup-and-hair jobs, and their billion-dollars
of wincingly tacky clothes and clunky jewelry, and the billions of dollars in camera and idiotic gushing airtime. 
Shove their 'monuments' where the sun don't shine.
I'd trade every fracking dime of the trillions of dollars, and trillions of hours, that the media is so blatantly
pushing in order to sell their disgusting advertisements, to be allowed to stand at attention on the tarmac in
my old battered hat, and salute every planeload of soldiers coming home.
Preferably alive.

I agree - most of this makes no sense to me.

They keep saying "Remember 9-11."
Who can forget?

It's like, "Hey, remember that car wreck where you broke your back?"
Yeah, I do...

They read the names of the 3000 people who died - why?
The familes know they're dead - what does the reading of the names do?

If I had lost a loved one, do I want to stand there for hours, waiting to hear that name?
What would be the point?

As always, we-hate-logic America is concerned with all the wrong stuff.
I heard someone say ten years later they STILL haven't fixed the radio problem.

They say 343 firemen died that day because they didn't get the "evacuate" order
because the radios of the firemen didn't receive the police news - and they STILL don't.

Too many greedy Republicans want to make money from the radio sales and upkeep,
so it remains a disconnected fucking joke.

Christ, you could buy every team leader a smart phone and they could Twitter each other,
but the GOP's contributors can't make any money from that - so it's obviously a bad idea.

Sunday morning, every asshole politician claimed they were here to "honor the fallen,"
but how many of them voted AGAINST health care for the first responders?

Plus, they were asking thousands of people where they were when the plane hit.
If you have an interesting story, maybe we'd like to hear it, but most of the stories were:

"I was making cereal for the kids and getting ready to go to work when my cousin
  called and told me to turn on the TV
and I couldn't believe it."

Who f-ing cares?
What does that pointless personal anecdote add to the occasion?

NBC had a shining moment on Friday's Today Show - they played a 2001 tape of
that idiot Matt Lauer trying to interview some 10-year old kid who'd just lost a parent
in the WTC - and all the little kid could do was cry.

I wish I could've been there to kick Matt Lauer in the balls until he couldn't f-ing talk.

These vultures look for the weakest member of the herd, then they swoop in for
the kill and they call that "journalism" which makes me sick to my stomach.

The Bush bastards either set this whole thing up or used the "opportunity" to fabricate a reason
to invade Iraq so they could steal all the oil fields that were just upgraded by Halliburton.

...and NOBODY asked why we were attacked in the first goddamn place.


 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon makes $10B profit in 90 days

 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Exxon makes $75,000 profit per minute

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters



Bloomberg News says Iraq is currently pumping 2M barrels a day.
A. How would they know?
They don't have people on the ground over there, and even if they did

oil wells have no meters
B. 2M barrels is $120M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.


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