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Subject: disagree with Bruce on NASA

I don't even know where to begin Bart.
Well, let me start by saying that Bruce doesn't know what he's talking about (there, I said it.)
I qualify my answers by as a student of the space program since childhood and as a former practicing Aeronautical Engineer.

Manned space flight is a huge waste of resources.

Huge? The entire NASA budget is a fraction of one percent annually. That money just doesn't vanish,
it goes back into our economy to pay the suppliers and workers which in turn feed and care for their families.
That equates to jobs and a lot of them.

Everything a person can do can be done faster, cheaper, and better with robots.

Wrong. Robots cannot reason. They cannot fix themselves (i.e. Galileo's stuck main antenna and numerous
failed Mars probes both Russian and American.) Unmanned space probes do have their place and it's an
important one but they simply can't replace a human presence entirely.

Seriously, there is no real science that came out of the shuttle program - even fixing
the Hubble would have been cheaper and easier to do - just launch another one.

Wrong. We learned how to design, construct and fly the worlds first reusable spacecraft! No science?
That was a huge leap forward in aeronautics and astronautics. We also learned how to capture and repair
satellites in space and build the world's largest manned orbiting laboratory, The International Space Station.

These are just a few of the very basic things we learned. As for Hubble, without the Shuttle and a manned
repair crew, it would now be just billions of dollars of orbiting debris. Robots simply could not have repaired Hubble.

We don't possess anything that sophisticated yet. Anyone that says otherwise is probably still trying to build
Reagan's fictitious "Peace Shield." It took the presence of living breathing astronauts in two missions and
about a dozen space walks to make Hubble what it is today.

You can't just order a new Hubble. Probes of this kind take years to make.
Let's not forget the plethora of technology that has trickled down to everyday life
as a result of NASA's research especially in medicine.

And lastly, the space program inspires. You can't put a price on that.

But the biggesr point is we could still have a manned space program - if Obama would
explain to
The Bitch and The Boner that HE won the goddamn election and the voters
backed HIS vision for America
and it's time the super-rich put in their fair share of taxes.

But he choose to surrender, instead - again.




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